It is good to have your own website on the internet. It creates your own space on the net and at the same time, it gives your brand authenticity.  In this age, there are plenty of fake companies and for the consumer, one of the best ways to confirm if a business is real or not is to have a website. However, it is one thing to have set up a website, it is another to get traffic on it. If your business model is an e-commerce one, then it is essential that your website gets traffic which will buffer sales. You can try internet advertisement and search engine optimisation, but both of them cost. Instead, you can tap into the social media.

On an average day, a person is known to spend 6 hours on the social media network. Social media platform are big enough to be called nations. Facebook itself has over 1 billion users.

Here are few ways you can get divert social media users to your website.

Filling in the Details

Whenever you create your brand page on any social media platform, fill in all your details, including your website link. When users visit your social media, they may want to find out more about, your story, your services or how to get in touch with you.

Sharing Content

When you post new content on your website, share the link on your social media page. Do not just plainly share the link, give a small description or quote which would interest users to read it. Also, have a picture with your post. This way a picture would added to your link when it is shown on the social media page.

Security Settings

You don’t want to have very tight settings on the social media platform since you trying to gather users around your brand. Your followers should be easily able join your page and share your posts among their friends on the social platform.


A widget is a great way to integrate your website to social media. It allows your users to like and recommend the content you put up. This means that your content will be shared by those who visit your website on their social media profiles.

Social Media Groups

Across the social media platform, you will find groups which users join. No one forces users to join these groups and they always join the groups that they are interested in. This means that you can tap into a group that is interested the same sector your brand is. It is highly important that when you upload new post on your website and share it on Facebook, you don’t miss out on these groups.


Social media platforms are always filled with discussions. Once your brand joins social groups, you will stumble upon many discussions. Often, these discussions are on topics which are already written, these are great places to drop in interesting links and tell the users, ‘Hey, I’ve written something interested on the same topic’.

There is a reason you have heard of terms like Facebook addict. People spend hours watching their profile like a hawk for new updates and that is how you can get them to check out your site.