You should not check your website traffic just for car sales, but also for your SEO rank.. Search engines greatly depend on web traffic to tell them whether they should feature the link on their top results.

Search Engine’s Check for Relevance

For search engines like Google, web traffic is important as it tells you how relevant your web page is to the search.. For example, an online article published in 2013 would have been getting 1000 views daily. However by the end of December, its daily views fall to 800 and by January, to 500.

Google will take this as an indication that the link is not giving the right answer to the query and its SEO rank drops.


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Search Engines Account for Online Presence

Search engines account for your online presence, in the sense of:

– Your Website Activity

– Queries typed about your dealership

– Clicks on your link

Social media presence

They takes these four into account when deciding your dealership site’s SEO rank.

The SEO Experiment

The Co-founder of MOZ, Rand Fishkin tried an SEO experiment on similar lines. Using his large number of Twitter followers, he got them to Google ‘IMEC Lab’ and click on his blog link, ranked 7th at the time. More than 200 people clicked and visited his link, leading to his blog link jumping up to 1st place in less than a few hours

So what can you do for your business?

Generate Great Content


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Lets say you run a local auto dealership: Don’t just drive forth your inventory on your dealership site. Instead, you should take complete advantage of your blog and present any offers that you might be having at the time.

– Create helpful content that will be loved by Google as well as its users. Helpful content can include anything, from a car review to tips on maintaining a car.

– The title of your blog should answer a query, and its content should be easy to read for any audience, whether they are car lovers or newbies.

Leverage your Social Media

Sure you don’t have thousands of followers like Rand Fishkin, but if you want a strong social media network, you’re going to have to give it time – otherwise many of your followers will be irrelevant.

– Keep posting and tweeting information relevant to your website

– Never ignore an opportunity to start a conversation

– Always share your latest vehicle on sale, offers and blog through your social media profile

Good and Short Meta-Description

The meta-description shows on the search result underneath thelink’s title. It convinces the users that this link is relevant and should be clicked on.

Also, if there is one mistake Rand Fishkin made, it’s having his meta-description too long. Your description should be no more than 160 characters. It needs to be able to communicate a summary of what that page is about within that much.

Fresh Content

One reason that Rank Fishkin’s blog link rose up so quickly was because it was fresh content. Search engines equate fresh content with relevance.

Whether it is your blog, inventory page or website, keep having fresh content and pages that will be noticed by search engines.

If your website traffic has stagnated or is falling, you’re in trouble. Its SEO rank is going to fall. It’s easier to stay on top then climb back up the SEO ladder. At this point, it would be best to contact an SEO agency who can expertly stop this from happening.