Social Media for Construction Companies

You may have years of experience in building the perfect roads, structures and homes. With years of experience and several trials and errors, you may be an expert now. With such expertise at hand, you might have acquired a good number of client details in your database. But is this the only clientele you want to keep working with or do you want the number to increase?

In order to get more clients, you need to work on promoting your construction company brand. The clientele you have acquired so far has come to you because of some form of promotion. However, we now need to move ahead and try some new forms of marketing to tap a much wider market. Being a construction company, there are many digital marketing techniques that you may consider. But not many construction companies will opt for social media marketing. This is because you may think that your target audience will not prefer to receive your messages on social media which is not true. Social media has rapidly become a marketing choice for various types of businesses, including construction companies. The reason for this is the widespread use of social media by different types of audiences and the amazing techniques that social media enables you to use. Let us get a better understanding of what social media marketing is before we move ahead.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a concept that focuses on using different social media platforms to market and promote products and services to the target audience. Using social media marketing helps in creating brand awareness, generating leads, and building your online reputation. 

The main reason to use social media marketing is to make the most of organic traffic. With the help of different and informative content that you post on these platforms, you will get shares and likes, which will then increase your popularity among the masses. Talking more about marketing through social media platforms, there are some core aspects that one needs to work on to make social media marketing successful.

– Strategizing

You never begin any form of marketing without having a strategy. Just taking a decision of using social media for construction companies is not enough. You first need to decide how you are going to execute it before you start posting on social media. To begin with, identify the specific goals that you want to achieve through social media marketing. It could be brand awareness, audience engagement, lead generation or increase in website traffic. Decide your goal and then accordingly choose a social media platform to use.

– Planning

The next aspect is planning. After setting a goal and choosing your preferred social media platforms, plan how you will use it. First, decide the tone you want to maintain. Is it going to be too casual or only professional? Then choose the type of content you want to share on these platforms. While sharing construction site images will work well for Instagram, uploading blog links on Facebook will be a good idea.

– Engaging

Engagement with the audience on social media will only happen when the audience will find your posts interesting and informative enough to like, share or comment. A smart way of increasing engagement on social media is by asking questions every now and then so that the audience also gets a chance to comment. Apart from content, maintain consistency in posting your content. You should have something new on your social media page almost every day or else the audience will get bored and move away from your page. One way to keep consistency in posting is by using a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite. With the help of such tools, you can preplan all the content you want to post for a month and schedule it without having to worry about last minute posting.

– Analyzing

Analytics is an integral part of social media marketing. With the help of analytics, you get to measure how well your social media campaigns are performing. It also allows you to plan your campaigns based on precise audience targeting data before you start a campaign. Based on the data that you get through analytics; you can rework on your campaigns and make them better.

Importance of Social Media for Construction Companies

Construction companies have a lot of functions in their work processes. From planning, laying down the foundation to actual construction, each step has a significance in completing the process and giving the desired final result. Similarly, there are multiple steps or techniques within social media marketing for construction companies that help you to achieve measurable goals. These steps and techniques make social media marketing important for construction companies. Here are ten other reasons that make social media for construction companies important.

To Create Brand Buzz

To Create Brand Buzz

In digital marketing, your company’s online reputation is completely dependent on the kind of popularity you have on the internet. Here your website does play some role. However, your reputation is built much more when other people vouch for your services and company. This is very well possible on social media platforms. Social media platforms enable you to share multimedia content among a vast number of audience and leaves it open for feedback, comments, likes and shares. If a potential client is checking you online and comes across a well-managed social media page along with positive comments, shares, and recommendations, they will trust your brand and the services you provide

On the other hand, social media marketing also enables you to build a loyal brand following. In other forms of marketing, you get to promote your services by creating content about them. On social media, you not only get to create content for promotion but also get the opportunity to build a group of loyal followers who will keep looking forward to this content. The key here is to be consistent in posting on social media platforms. If your construction company is giving out DIY tips on social media on a weekly basis, then people who can use those ideas will follow your page. However, if for a few weeks you stop posting, the same people may look somewhere else for the much-needed advice.

To Know Your Audience

For any digital marketing method, identifying the audience is a crucial initial step. You need to identify details about your audience that will help you to build audience personas. Personas are presumed characteristics of your target audience that helps you to understand how your audience will react to a certain post. Audience targeting can be done based on the demographics, geographic, psychographic and behavioural analysis of the audience. This means you need to identify the gender of your audience, their location, why they want your services, their area of interests, etc. Ideally, to find all this information is a huge task as you will have to conduct a lot of research to get such information about your target audience. However, with social media marketing, all this is now possible in a single browser window on your desktop. Social media platforms give you insights on such information of their users when you are planning to target them with a campaign, making your task much easier.

Social media is also an open space that allows you to get a glimpse into the profiles of your audience type. This helps you to know your existing customer more closely to understand more about them, their lives, the other types of business pages that they are following and their opinions. Having this kind of knowledge about your audience helps you to create posts and content that will appeal to their needs and will eventually get more leads for construction projects for you.

To Increase Website Traffic

To Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic refers to the number of online users that visit your website through different sources. For more people to know about your construction company, you need more traffic to visit your website. The website traffic that you receive can further be divided into the following:

  • Direct Traffic that comes to your website without looking for you on the search engine or any other platform. This type of audience is the one that is already aware of your construction business or heard about it from a friend and visited your website directly.
  • Organic Traffic is the one that turns up on your website when they were looking for your services on the web. This type of traffic often comes to your website through the search engines. This traffic consists of users that used relevant keywords that directed them to your website.
  • Referral traffic is the one that found out about your business and services on another website where your content was mentioned. Such traffic often finds out about your website through directories, third-party blog posts and social media platforms. 

Without social media, you will only be able to tap the direct traffic and the organic traffic. However, with the help of social media marketing for construction companies, you will be able to get the attention of referral traffic and increase your business visibility considerably. Apart from referral traffic, social media also helps you to grab more attention on the SERPs as search engines do give weightage to content posted on social media platforms. This means that not only it will increase referral traffic but also organic traffic through social media marketing.

To Aid SEO Efforts

To Aid SEO Efforts

Search engine optimization is a process where you optimize your content and website to get a higher rank on the SERPs. Now, this process is not just restricted to your website. All the content that you post online can be a part of content optimization. SEO has two major elements, on-page and off-page. On-page SEO elements refers to the process of optimization that takes place only on your website. Off-page SEO elements, on the other hand, focuses on everything apart from your website. Here we focus on elements that are not directly a part of your website but are related to it. Backlinking, signing up on construction directories, etc. are a few such examples. Social media marketing plays an important role here. Just like other platforms, when you consistently post fresh, informative content on your social media pages and link it back to your website, the search engine spiders take it into account. This eventually brings more website traffic.

To Increase Conversions

If you are running a construction business, popularity and visibility are not the only things you will be expecting from your marketing efforts. Eventually, you would like to see some substantial results of leads that culminate into conversions. When social media increases your brand awareness among the audience, it automatically increases your chances of making a conversion. Once the awareness is created, here’s how you can make conversions happen through social media marketing for construction companies.

  • Awareness about your company is one thing and trusting your company is  another. Even though people come to know about your construction services through social media, they are yet to trust your company to actually approach you with projects. So use your social media profile to instill that trust by sharing images of successful projects and user-generated content of people who are happy with your service. You could also ask your existing customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your social media page to showcase as a social proof, like the example given below.
  • You can consider posting gated content on social media as well. Gated content requires a user to give their contact details in order to gain access to the main content or an important part of it. You could post a whitepaper or construction case study link on your social media page that directs the user to a landing page where they need to share their contact details in order to access the content. Once you get the contact details, you can pursue the lead with the service they are looking for and make a conversion.
  • Social media allows you to not only create a profile for yourself but also join different groups and communities of your interest. Such groups and communities can be a great place to find your next lead. Often social media users post their queries and ask for help in such forums. Being a part of such forums not only enables you to give instant solution ideas to the users but also share your contact details to get the problem solved completely.
  • Almost all social media platforms now have the option to advertise on them. Paid ads on social media is an assured method of getting conversions. The benefit of using these ads is that they are highly targeted and are known to give a good return on investment.

To Save Expenses

To Save Expenses

Social media platforms are free for all. Anyone can sign up and create a page or profile for their business on almost all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. However, as you move ahead, you will need some push to reach out to a much wider audience than the ones that are already following you. For such cases, social media platforms have the options of social media ads and paid promotions in the form of sponsored posts. Again the cost of these paid promotions and ads are pretty low especially for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. that makes it easier for every business size to invest in social media marketing. The good thing about paid promotions and social media ads is that you make some expense but gain a lot more returns in the form of leads. The key to use social media paid promotions wisely is to start slow. Just because it costs less, do not use it for any and every post. Plan how you want to use and which posts are worth giving the push. Do not forget to target your audience so that you get the best outcome for your paid social media efforts.

To Engage with the Audience

To Engage with the Audience

In the digital marketing realm, you need to work really hard to impress your audience. Of course, your main aim is to sell your services to them. However, in order to make them avail  your services, you need to make them like you as a company. Marketing used to be a one-way channel of communication where companies spread their promotional messages, and the audience simply heard. Times have changed, and the audience now likes to be heard as well. With social media marketing, you can give your audience that chance of putting forth their thoughts and viewpoint. But no social media user is going to come and talk to you upfront unless they find something engaging enough.

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience. To engage with your audience, draft your social media content in such a way that it motivates the user to engage with your page. Consider these ideas.

  • Once you know who your audience is and what type of content they like, post more such content. When social media users appreciate a type of content, they are more likely to like it, share it or comment on it.
  • If you want the audience to  avail your services and follow your page for more content, create social media content that addresses their pain points and needs. For example, if you post content about common siding problems, the people who are facing it will go through your content and may even leave a comment asking for assistance.
  • Facts are another type of content that tend to grab the attention of social media users. Statistics and numbers always fascinate and inform a user. So add some important statistics from the construction industry to interact with your followers.
  • The current trending posting on social media that most of the masses enjoy watching is the DIY posts. Mostly posted in video format, this type of content works as a guide that informs the users on how they can do something on their own. Such type of posts not only informs the user but also gets you a higher engagement rate.
  • If you are already receiving a fair share of likes and comments from your followers, do not sit back with those comments. Always make it a point to revert back to keep the engagement constant. 
  • You should also make it a point to like and share good content that your followers share. Even consider following them back. Additionally, take advantage of user-generated content where you give your followers the options to share content with you. You can even post the best content shared by your followers with you on your social media pages. 

To Provide Customer Support

To Provide Customer Support

Customer service was one function that had only two options either manage it marginally by yourself or set up a call center to look into queries through the day. Again, this had its share of limitations. With digital marketing, two-way communication with the audience became much easier. It made a drastic improvement in the customer support function of businesses.

Talking about social media, it gives a really good opportunity to not only touch base with your customers but also provide round the clock support after you have provided them with your service. They no longer need to call a number or hold the line to talk to an executive. Something as simple as a chat messenger is available to answer quick queries and FAQs. But in order to maintain a steady customer support process, you need to keep in mind the following:

  • Try to be as prompt in your replies as possible. The online audience expects a quick turnaround time. 
  • Work on a system to track all the comments, reviews and queries that are sent to you by the audience so that you do not miss any.
  • Keep a positive approach towards all your communications on social media. Avoid negative answers and unhelpful demeanour. 
  • Social media is an open platform where you cannot control what a user talks about you. There will be times when you may receive a negative feedback, review or comment. Do not respond to them in anger. Keep your calm and take criticism sportingly.
  • Everyone has access to social media, and your comments can be read by all. Keeping this in mind, you need to figure out when a conversation needs to be moved to private messaging. Sometimes your audience may not be comfortable sharing their details. For such cases, always ask them to send you a private message.

To Compete Fairly

To Compete Fairly

If you plan to not use social media for construction companies, it’s your choice. However, your competitors are moving ahead in the race of acquiring the audience on social media platforms while you deal with your same old marketing techniques. Social media platforms are one place where you get to see what your competitors are doing openly. It is, therefore, a place to learn from what your competitors are doing right. In order to compete fairly with your competitors, you need to analyze them closely. For this, you need to perform a competitive analysis

A competitive analysis refers to the process of thoroughly understanding your competitors and their social media pages. The goal behind conducting an analysis is to:

  • Enlist all the competitors that are actively using social media platforms.
  • Identify the type of content your competitors are sharing with the followers.
  • Enlist the total social media platforms they are using.
  • Analyze how well they are performing.
  • Figure out where your strategy is lacking.

After conducting a competitive analysis, you need to closely analyze the result and use the learnings to create your own social media strategy for construction companies. 

To Create Your Authority

To Create Your Authority

When we choose a doctor, we conduct a thorough research and only then choose the one out of the many options. This is not only the case with choosing a doctor but when it comes to choosing every professional. From a consumer point of view, we try to opt for the best and expert of a field for any service. This means that you need to showcase your authority on online platforms if you want the users to choose you over other construction companies.

Social media for construction companies gives you the right opportunity to showcase your domain authority. To build your brand authority and to showcase your expertise on social media, you need to work on your content and make it informative. Keep in mind that adding adjectives such as ‘expert’ is not going to build your authority. The actual information you share and the work you showcase will speak about your authority more than the words you choose. Here are some methods on how you can showcase your authority through social media platforms.

  • Businesses with authority need to be consistent in their deliverables. If you plan to share a theme of content based on your services, be consistent and do not stop midway. The moment you stop the inflow of information, the audience will waver off.
  • Have a well-planned website and make sure to link back your social media pages to this website. In digital marketing, a business website is your address, and without an address, no one will trust you.
  • You may be providing all types of construction services but having a niche to showcase your authority is a must. Choose one of your best service and share your expert knowledge on the same with your followers.
  • Never try to portray something that your company is not. Always keep your communication transparent and do not misguide your followers.
  • Share ample of project pictures and videos on your social media platforms. These act as your proof of work and increases the accountability of your services.

Never believe that marketing on social media for construction companies is not possible. It may seem like a platform that is more casual for your kind of business, but that’s not true. Today no business is inappropriate to use social media platforms for marketing. In fact, social media platforms are going the extra mile to accommodate all types of businesses with their varied marketing services. It’s time, you took a step forward and get yourself the perfect social media marketing strategy for your construction company.