Today, you find all kinds of information from the smallest detail to the most complex one on digital marketing and sales funnel. But what if you are a brick and mortar store? Then things change, most importantly your sales funnel changes. How?

The people who enter your store have a very high chance of making a purchase. But, wait a second, do you know what a sales funnel is?

And that ladies and gentlemen, this is your sales funnel (above image). A sales funnel is basically the various buying stages of your consumers. Unlike a website, the person who enters your brick and mortar store is on the last and final stage – Purchase. And that’s why you need to have the shortest sales funnel.

Need further proof?


They are already aware of your retail store and that’s why they are there. Furthermore, they are possibly aware of the products you offer.

Already Consider and Evaluated

When they enter your store, they know what they want. They have evaluated their options for the marketing material that they have seen.

Ready to Purchase

The fact that they are already aware, researched and they are ready. You just have to offer them what they want.

With that, here are some tips to improve your sale funnel and get more purchases.

retail store sales funnelAwareness

It all starts with awareness. If your target audience does not know your businesses exists, you need to inform them. Flyers, ads in the local magazine and posters around the area are good and affordable options.

Give them What they Want

I mentioned before – give them and that is important. Many retail stores assume what their customers want. Don’t do that. Any effective sale is about really knowing what your customers want. Why do more customers pick a Colgate tooth paste over Crest? And why do some people prefer Crest toothpaste?

Know what your customers want and arrange your retail store in that manner.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful to build a relationship with frequent customers. Through a good and effective email campaign, you can not only stay in the minds of customers, but also make them aware of any promotions.

All you have to do is get their emails ids, which can be done by either getting them in a membership program, or a feedback form.

Old Customers

Most importantly, while it is important to keep getting new customers, it is also vital to take care of your old customers. They are the ones who will get you new customers from their family and friends.

So, ensure that your store had a short sales funnel.