In the local market, there are many players vying for the customers’ attention. Some jump up and down, while some put up flashy signs. Some try to hound customers, while some of the smart ones, use SEO. If you want to sell local, you have to link local. Make sure the customer spots you before your competitor overtakes and starts performing tricks for them.

If you are wondering why you need SEO or how to go local, you will keep wondering, while your competitor will net all the locals.

Just to make you stop wondering, we have listed down the ways your competitor will quiver with fear.

Prime Positioning

Defining a target segment is not enough. You have to make sure your arrow hits the target. If you know where to hit, it will be easier for you to position your product in an optimum way. Proper product positioning will enable you to decimate competition.

Using SEO, you can ensure that you appear on the search results of only those particular people who are searching for the product or service you offer. For example, a person searching for plumbing service in Edmonton is more likely to purchase your service than a person looking for ‘Plumbing tools I should have’.


Online visibility is all about consumer experience. Your brand must be visible to the consumers. If your potential clients encounter your products wherever they go and in all walks of life, your competitors will be forgotten.

Better Brand Recognition

When you look at five stripes with an oval, you immediately think of your favorite chain, Tim Hortons. If your brand has a higher visibility, your brand will become a household name. Like Xerox became the name for photocopies, your brand will become the word for that particular product.

It will be fun to see your competitors trying to fight that!

Better Positioning in SERPs

There is a big, fat chance that you came to this website using Google or some other search engine. Just like our name pops up in the search results, so should your name. This will leave your competitors scratching their heads.

Generation and conversion of leads

If you have gone local enough, it will be easier to approach your potential clients. If you are sitting in Edmonton, ignoring the clients in Calgary and vying for Winnipeg businesses, your lasso will fall short.


A satisfied customer is a happy customer. A bird in hand is worth two in a bush. So rather than letting that bird fly away, providing customer satisfaction would be easier. Local SEO will tell you how and when the customer is coming in to your website. Monitoring will be easy. An analytic software application will be instrumental in judging customer patterns and enable you to tweak your products accordingly.


Social Media, forums and other such platforms will help you monitor the mood of customers. Whether they are happy or they want to drive a stake through your heart, you can judge through feedback monitoring. This mood of customers will help you to measure the temperature and keep the contacts frozen.

Searches are Local

The best reason to go local is because more and more people are doing local searches. Whether a user realises it or not, search engines already know which country they are in (thanks to IP addresses) and provides results accordingly. At other times, users are specifically looking for something in a particular city and change their search query accordingly – for example: xxx in Edmonton.

You want your website to be able to reach out to these users.

Map Searches

More and more users are opting to use maps to conduct their searches. This is best used when a user is outside out their home and they are looking for a place nearby. Here are a few examples of the search queries used –nearby restaurants or nearby cafes.

You need to leverage your local SEO power to get on to such results.

Better strategies

When you do everything right, you will get results. A proper goal definition, targeting and approach will enable you to create customer focused strategies. If your strategies are accurately measured and smoothly executed, you will surpass your bumbling band of baboons (read: competitors), in not time.

Now, all the SEO tactics won’t make your customers shiver and quiver in the literal sense, but it is bound to give them acomplex. So now, someone is destined to have a number of sleepless nights. It is either you or your arch rival who’s twisting and turning in bed, you have to decide.