Why Facebook is the best platform to engage customers and increase sales

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Your company’s sales and marketing cannot be successful by simply using traditional methods. To up the game, organisations around the world have started using Facebook to create awareness and build a customer base. This is especially true if you are a B2C business. Here are some simple facts.

Facebook has literally brought the social world onto the internet through many interaction forms. For any enterprise, Facebook is the perfect platform to come closer to their customers. Facebook connections spread through blogs, websites, Youtube, twitter and more.

1. Generating awareness about your company/ brand

Once you start your Facebook page, you will have to take steps so your customers can flock to it. The foremost step you can take is advertisements.

  • Standard Ads: These are traditional Facebook ads that appear on the side of newsfeed. They give a short description of your page and your profile picture (which may be your logo).
  • Page Post Ads: Using this feature, your page will be advertised on the newsfeed. Your advertisement will blend in with the rest of the newsfeed, resulting in it seeming like another newsfeed post.
  • Sponsored Story: Another option is a sponsored story. Every time someone interacts with your page, a story is created and you can promote this on newsfeeds. Think of it as the voice of your customers, a word of mouth recommendation.

The cost of these ads would depend on which cost module you select.

  • CPC (Cost per Click): You will be charged on the number of clicks your ad receives, but you can make sure that it never crosses your daily budget.
  • CPM (Cost per Thousands Impression): Under this module, you pay for each 1,000 people who see your ad.

When someone likes a page on Facebook, that activity will feature on their Facebook wall which will be seen by all their friends and on seeing it, they will like it too. This creates an exponential increase of public awareness. As the number of ‘likes’ pile up, you create your own personal Facebook community.

2. Increasing recall value

Constant activity on your Facebook page results in customer interaction and is essential to achieve customer recall value.

  • The moment you put up a post or a comment or a picture, it will appear on all their walls. They could either like or comment on your post and you can reply to their comment. This is one way for interaction to happen.
  • You can host many competitions and watch how your customers interact with you. This gives you a lot of information on your target demographic and their likes, dislikes, choices and opinions.
  • You can also ask interesting questions, let out interesting tit-bits on your company/ brand. This in turn will cause your community to look forward to your posts.
  • Facebook applications are a fun way to interact with your customers. These apps are usually interactive with the customer, telling the tale of some offer and new products.
  • Connecting your website with Facebook allows people interested in your company/ brand find your website if they’ve come across you on Facebook. You can even attach a Facebook widget on your website, so when people come to your page, they can like it without having to switch over to the Facebook page.

3. Showcasing new products

  • Whenever you have offers and discounts on your products, put it up on your Facebook page to inform your social media customers.
  • An interesting post, picture or video that you upload could go viral and increase sales tremendously for your product. Every upload on Facebook appears on your customers’ Facebook wall with a ‘Share’ button. If it appeals to any section of people – any at all – they will share it with their friends, who will share it with their own friends and so on and so forth.
  • Another feature that would be valuable is promotions. You can promote status updates, pictures, videos and more. A promoted post would automatically feature higher on anyone’s newsfeed. The cost of promotion depends on various factors such as geographical location and the number of people you are trying to reach.

Treat Facebook like a social media platform to meet your customers. Not only that, but it also gives your company a personality that your customers can feel. And that is more effective than any advertising you’ve ever done!

Ali Salman is an online marketing strategist who have worked with Coca-Cola, Extreme Pita, Mucho Burrito, KIA, Honda and other Fortune 500 companies. Ali Salman now heads Rapid Boost Marketing - Canada's fastest growing search marketing agency. RBM clients include Fortune 500's and medium size businesses across North America. Ali as RBM CMO leads his team in building and managing quality, high-performing and cost-effective interactive campaigns and programs for our company's customers and partners. In his career, he has significantly improved campaign performance for large brands such as Government of Alberta, Liberal Party, Workopolis, Cathay Pacific, as well as medium to large retailers and high-tech B2B-enterprise niches. Ali and his team develop online promotional concepts that spark viral growth through search and social media for RBM clients, devising strategies that use search engines and more to reach key demographic segments in the ways they're most likely to be receptive. Ali Salman also oversees corporate marketing initiatives for Rapid Boost Marketing, including strategic communications counsel, public and analyst relations and client education programming.

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