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Ever heard of the saying that if the heart’s in it, the brain will follow? There is need to capture the heart of today’s potential advert weary buyer. Emotion is the key to buying anything; whether it is paper clips or plain paper, emotions are required to enhance a purchase. Once the emotion is set rolling, facts, specifications, and the likes are used to justify the decision made. Catching your customer’s emotion is the main essence of every sentence, phrase and everything about your online and offline presence (Like your billboard, or display ad, or blog post etc.)

The promise of gain and the fear of loss are the two emotions that really motivate people. The stronger is the fear of loss. Choosing from using either “How to keep from being sued” or “Save money in lawyer fees” as headlines will get better a response as an example of a landing page or email copy.

Basic human needs are based on keeping the fear of loss or the promise of gain which give rise to seven emotional hooks. Your brand assets (social media, website etc.) must frankly address as many of these basic needs irrespective of your service. You want to create website or email copy that make your reader feel as though you are talking directly to them. That this service is just the thing they need to fix their problems.

These seven emotional hooks are:

  • Free time
  • Self-satisfaction
  • Fun or excitement
  • Popularity
  • Wealth
  • Safety or Security
  • Good looks


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