Why Blogs are important for your business and how to start blogging

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The internet has given the power to every person and business on this planet to have a voice. Blogging is turning out to be one of the most popular ways for small and medium sized businesses to make their presence felt on the internet.  A blog is a platform for you to share your ideas and thoughts and start conversations with your customers. Blogging is an opportunity to do what your office or shop cannot do and that is getting more personal with your customers. This not only keeps your existing customers hooked on to your brand, but also attracts potential customers to your company’s products or services.

Here are a few reasons why your brand should start blogging:

–       Personality: Every customer fears that they are dealing with a money-minded robotic machine at the other end. Blogging is a fantastic way to bring out your employees who make the magic happen and showcase the personality of the company. Customers love it when a company has a human feel.

–       Credentials: You can always display some of the work you have done. If you are writer, put up some articles; if you are a photographer, put up your snaps. If your work cannot be put up, at least show your client list or ask your clients to put up some testimonials. Let the viewers get a taste of your work and skill sets that you have.

–       Interacting with the Customer: Blogging is a great platform to start interacting with your customers. You can post up your various ideas, thoughts, processes and methods and conduct discussions with them. Say you are planning to put up new product like a wristwatch pen-drive for sale. You can update your blog with this information and watch if they approve of it or dislike the idea. If you are company that is service, not product, oriented, then talk about the new trends in your area of expertise. This is how you can also build your brand’s thought leadership.

–       Community: As your number of customers increase, more and more customers will further flock to your blog to keep a watch of your business. Soon enough, you will have a community following you.

–       Internet Presence: Having a blog is a great way to create your own corner in the internet. Blogging allows you to use keys words and tags which is perfect for SEO optimisation. This in turn brings you more potential customers.

Suppose a user is searching for a car repair service. He finds a bunch of websites with names, phone numbers and address and he stumbles upon a blog that is filled with pictures of the car servicing centre, articles about car problems and various videos of fixing cars. He is immediately going to be impressed by the blog and has a higher chance of selecting the car service over there.

How to Start Blogging

Now, that you see how important blogging is, how do you start blogging?

–       Opening an Account: The first decision you have to make is to select whether you want to host it yourself (paid) or get free hosting (Blogspot and WordPress are the biggest blog hosts).

–       Setting up: Choose an appropriate domain name, blog name, design, number of tabs you want, etc. Make sure you select a friendly style that will complement your business.

–       Content: The content you put up should be interesting, friendly and related to your business. For example, if you are photographer, have a photoblog.

–       Frequency: Unlike the social media platform, your post frequency does not have to be every day, but it should at least be two to three times a week. If it is too less, your blog will fade into the deep net.

Armed with this information, we wish you best of luck for your blogging endeavour!

Ali Salman is an online marketing strategist who have worked with Coca-Cola, Extreme Pita, Mucho Burrito, KIA, Honda and other Fortune 500 companies. Ali Salman now heads Rapid Boost Marketing - Canada's fastest growing search marketing agency. RBM clients include Fortune 500's and medium size businesses across North America. Ali as RBM CMO leads his team in building and managing quality, high-performing and cost-effective interactive campaigns and programs for our company's customers and partners. In his career, he has significantly improved campaign performance for large brands such as Government of Alberta, Liberal Party, Workopolis, Cathay Pacific, as well as medium to large retailers and high-tech B2B-enterprise niches. Ali and his team develop online promotional concepts that spark viral growth through search and social media for RBM clients, devising strategies that use search engines and more to reach key demographic segments in the ways they're most likely to be receptive. Ali Salman also oversees corporate marketing initiatives for Rapid Boost Marketing, including strategic communications counsel, public and analyst relations and client education programming.

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