As are content hungry and consume content at un-believable rates. Content marketing is not just some marketing buzzword that is thrown around. It is as real as it gets and you should be using it too. In short, content marketing is to create relevant and valuable content which engages your customers and helps you achieve your business goals.

Last year Red Bull revived themselves by applying content marketing. What you got was videos, blogs and social posts that gave great stories which promoted the product and engaged the audience.

So here’s what you should know about content marketing and beating your competition.

Get in with Google

In 2013, Google executed its biggest update ever, Hummingbird. Google has been constantly working towards removing Black Hat SEO techniques and that’s just what Hummingbird does. There is a bigger focus on delivering good quality content to your audience. If you’re used to loading up your content with over 5 keyword, you need to stop that, now!

Hummingbird is not looking at keywords in a user’s query. Instead, they’re looking at the intent behind the query. The best way to do this is to use long tail keywords. Add long tail keywords to your content’s title and body.

Embrace Blogging

Blogging provides another platform for you to create your brand presence. It is also an opportunity to show another side of your brand. Blogging is an integral part of any content strategy. Craft content which is useful for your users and tell them more about your brand.

Provide Information

Don’t just provide information you want to give out, provide information which your users want. There are several ways you can do this.

–          Google Prompt: Using Google’s Prompt feature is a great way to find out what internet users are searching for.

–          Ask Them: Even a better option is to get in touch with your customers and find out what sort of information would they like.

–          Traffic Flow: Which content has got the highest traffic on your site? Try to focus on content around those kinds of topics.

You should aim to create content to help your audience, whether it is a blog post, tweet or website article.

Give more priority to relevant articles than achieving traffic flow. In time, with relevance, you’ll see your traffic flow increase.

Tell Stories

The best form of content marketing is story telling. Create content on how the business came up, the challenges you faced, etc. Audiences love a good story and there is no better way to connect with them. It’s an opportunity to show a human side of your business which carries a lot of emotional connect.

Use Mediums

While text will be your primary medium, make sure you have plenty of pictures and videos too. For every blog you upload, put in a few pictures. Create shorts videos which reach out to your audience; the combo of video and sound can work wonders in getting your audience involved in your content.

Content marketing has a wide array of tactics for you. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re drawing out your business strategy.