Last Episode #  👨‍💻👩‍💻 Never…Ever Discount Your Services   What I told you that you can improve your email response rates by over 558% and phone by 209%? The solution is much more easier than you think: switch from sending emails or cold calls to sending LinkedIn messages to your prospects and potential clients.  In a recent experiment, where one social selling expert sent out 100 InMails and 100 emails and made 100 phone calls, LinkedIn responses outperformed e-mail by 558% and phone by 209%. Here is a real world case study conducted by John Dougan that targeted 300 senior executive contacts. The database used for all outreach was comprised of known contacts and all three used similar language in the text or script. These are the results from 300 outreaches using an equal spread of LinkedIn’s InMail, outbound phone calls and traditional e-mail:  
  • 100 InMails sent generated 67 responses and 44 event registrations
  • 100 phone calls generated 32 connections and 20 registrations
  • 100 e-mails sent generated 12 responses and 6 registrations
LinkedIn responses outperformed e-mail by 558%
LinkedIn responses outperformed phone by 209%  
Drop-out rates for the event on the day were similar across channels. The most successful channel was LinkedIn and the lowest cost per registration was also LinkedIn. The phone remains an essential and powerful tool in anyone’s social selling arsenal. The lowest cost per registration was also LinkedIn. We’re now living in the golden age of messaging where platforms such as WeChat allow you to hail cabs and book movie tickets through the app. This golden age extends to business communication, with more and more companies choosing to use messages instead of email as part of their social selling strategies. This is because LinkedIn messages trigger higher response rates than cold emails. Here’s the reason why:

Provides more context on the sender (They know about you)

If you receive a cold email or phone call from someone you don’t know, it takes time and effort to check who the person is and whether they are of interest, can you trust them, what is their background and reputable. When you receive a LinkedIn message, you are curious and you can click on the sender’s profile and easily find out more information about them….infact alot of information about them. You can see information such as their latest updates, interactions, connections and groups in common, common connections which helps the recipient build up a better picture of the sender, as well as any previous interactions you’ve had.  

Our addictions to notifications

In fact, you can get two notifications for LinkedIn messages –– one through the app and one via email –– making it more likely you’ll check and read the message. It’s still also easier to use the LinkedIn app to reply to messages than it is to use a (sometimes clunky) email app.  

2 Way Real Time Messenger Rather Then a Cold Call or Email

On LinkedIn you can easily switch between conversations with just one tap, and it doesn’t feel like that much effort to talk to multiple people at one time. This is very different from cold call or an email. People view messages in a different way from an email: we normally keep our messages to look back on later, while we are all trying to delete as many emails as possible as quickly as we can to reach the holy grail of inbox zero.  
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