Google silently rolled out an update for the search engine. Though the update has a similar name to 2002 update, PigeonRank, 2014’s Google Pigeon is another improvement in the search engine’s algorithm. What it aims to do is to give a user better local results. Google is constantly improving to give results that will answer the queries of a user. At the same time, it aims to target the core meaning of their questions.


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What does the Update Do?

The update mainly affects the search parameters for Google Maps which does not affect an overall search. By determining the user’s location, Google aims to give improved local results.

For example, if you are at Jasper Avenue in Edmonton and type Pizza in Google, you will get results of pizza restaurants and takeaways in the immediate vicinity of your locations. Google won’t offer you pizza ingredients or a restaurant 10 km away.

Pigeon update aims to give more relevant answers to a user and better equips Google to deal with mobile queries. Google is going to tap into locations and local directories even more to gives contextual answers.

The results on Google Maps won’t be clustered and packed as before. Only the top results will have a pin on them so that a user can scan through them easily.

Tuning your Business for the Pigeon Update

Google has been moving in this direction with each update and if you haven’t caught on, now is the time. You need to adapt your business to reach out to the locals on the internet. This is vital, especially if your business is centred in a city or town.

– Google Plus

You cannot miss out on Google Plus. The search engine itself takes information from here to answer queries. You will want to ensure that the reviews and ratings are positive so that you have a higher chance of appearing in the results.

– Local Keywords

Don’t just focus on keywords that are related to your business. You need to start using words that are specific to your locations. Add in words associated to your locations like the street name or any event which occurs in your city.

– Directories

Ensure you are listed on all the possible local and online directories.

– A footer in the Website

Add your address at the bottom of your website as a footer. This way your address appears on all the pages and reinforces your local address.

– Review Sites

Make your presence known on popular review sites like Yelp, Urbanspoon and TripAdvisor. Do your best to get positive reviews.

The main benefit of the Pigeon update will be local groups, organizations and businesses. If you are not taking advantage of it and going local, then it is a missed opportunity to bring in customers. As you implement these suggested steps, take a look at your Google Analytics and see the traffic change.