If your website is not mobile-optimized, it will lose relevance to a user and, in turn, lose out on SEO. In February, Google made it official that mobile optimization is an SEO ranking factor. With almost everyone having a smartphone, you have to have a mobile-optimized website.

Mile High ComicsThere are many ways in which you can learn to build a mobile website. The best way is to learn from the mistakes of others because there are many who are still struggling to come up with the best mobile site.



Mile High Comics


There are so many things wrong with this website, and it’s not just mobile optimization. Let’s break it down.

90s Feel – The website has a terrible 90s-styled website that makes it look outdated.

Terrible Structure– It has a bad structure and I’m not directed to click on any button because there are so many links.

Content Structure – The way the content is structured immediately puts me off so much so that I’m not even going to give it read.

Bad Colors – See the various shades of blue, yellow and red splattered across the screen. There is no semblance of good color design.

You definitely don’t want your website to look like this.






Kong Company

Kong company

It took me almost 3 side scrolls to reach the end of the website. What’s wrong with Kong is that they have done the opposite of vertical scrolling and made their website a horizontal scroll. It’s annoying and there is absolutely no point to it. Furthermore, there is a red banner popup that I can’t close and it blocks a large part of my screen. Plus, the website is large and heavy and this means it takes over 5 seconds to load.




Flipkart is a popular Asian e-commerce site. There is nothing wrong with this mobile website – it’s well-designed, the content is structured in an easy-to-read manner and the size fits wonderfully on the website, EXCEPT, you can’t access the website at all. To use Flipkart and access its inventory, a user is forced to download the mobile app.

If a customer is out on the street, she won’t have the patience to download the app. Instead, she’ll close the page and move to competitor’s website.

John Hopkins University

john hopkins university



One would think that there would be at least one smart web designer at a place known for having intelligent people – turns out it’s not so.

This mobile-optimized website is just a zoomed-out version of the desktop website. I’ll have to use a magnifying glass to read the navigation menu. The column to the right is absolutely not needed on the website. There are so many unnecessary items on the website that it adds to the loading time.

A few minor tweaks on this website and it can actually be fixed. With a bit more vertical length and some easy scrolling, John Hopkins’s website could have put in all their necessary content.


Leoneck hotel

Planning to stay in Zurich? Best of luck booking a room on Leoneck Hotel’s mobile website. The website is slightly out of proportion, but the biggest problem with it is that the user has to zoom in to read the text.

Take Aways

Here’s what you can learn from these websites.

  • Have a modern-styled website.
  • There shouldn’t be too many links to confuse the user.
  • Content should be well-structured.
  • Color combinations need to blend-in together.
  • Avoid large pop-ups on a mobile-optimized website because they’re hard to close.
  • Do not opt for horizontal website scrolling.
  • Create a small website that loads quickly.
  • Yes, mobile apps are important, but do not force your users to switch to it. It’s better to market it and encourage them to download it – just don’t force them to stop using your mobile website.
  • Don’t have a zoomed-in version of your desktop website, you need to redesign it for the mobile.
  • Keep only content that is useful to your user.
  • Ensure the font size is readable on a small screen.
  • Have a responsive website that presents the content clearly.

Learn from these websites, don’t make mistakes, don’t take short cuts and build the best mobile website that you can. Most importantly, if you don’t have the expertise, hire someone who is competent.