BuzzFeed is an internet media company. If you use any social media, there is no doubt that you’ve come across some of BuzzFeed’s posts. BuzzFeed is present on almost all platforms across the web –  from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to Reddit and more.

Like any media company, its aim is to stay relevant to consumers. BuzzFeed identifies itself as creating and distributing “content for a global audience and utilizes proprietary technology to continuously test, learn and optimize.”

As a fashion brand, there is a lot you can learn from BuzzFeed on digital marketing – which can help you boost your brand and sales.

Aggressive Marketing

On the surface, it looks like BuzzFeed conducts aggressive marketing. Open any social media platform and someone you know has shared, recommended or retweeted a post by BuzzFeed. How is BuzzFeed able to create such a powerful network to often appear on your social media platform?

  • Have Frequent Posts

One of the best ways to get noticed on social media is to have a very active page. BuzzFeed has a post every hour on platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and on YouTube, about 3-4 videos are put up everyday.

  • Be Relevant on Each Platform

The biggest mistake you can make is to put the same content across the all the platforms that your fashion brand is on. BuzzFeed posts different content on each platform. Their Twitter page is particularly filled with links of list-based content. The videos on Facebook are not copies from their YouTube channel. Rather, their Facebook videos are square, don’t have any sound and are particularly short.

  • Multiple Accounts

BuzzFeed has created innumerable accounts, which has developed into a massive inter-social network. Some of their media accounts are BuzzFeed News, BuzzFeed Food, BuzzFeed Animals, BuzzFeed DIY, and BuzzFeed Entertainment.

There are two critical elements to take these points into consideration.

  1. BuzzFeed is a large media house that has the resources to pull off such aggressive marketing.

  2. The objective of BuzzFeed is to stay relevant to their audience and not face an existential crisis like the print media did.

However, as a fashion brand, you may neither have BuzzFeed’s objectives nor the resources. So, what else can you learn from BuzzFeed?

A Shift from Website to Social Media

You want your online audience to not just like your posts, but also to get off the social media platform to actually purchase your fashion clothing. In 2014, BuzzFeed had a similar objective; to draw traffic from social media to their website. Today, BuzzFeed does not follow the same strategy.

According to BuzzFeed’s publisher, Dao Nguyen, “Instead of focusing primarily on our website and apps, and using social networks as a way to send traffic to them, we were going to aggressively publish our content directly to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat.”

BuzzFeed is more and more putting its content directly on social media for everyone to access. Social media platforms are distractions and users don’t want to make the effort of opening another link, even if the link piques their curiosity.

I Know You want to Sell More

You want to sell fashion. However, Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest does not have an effective platform to sell fashion. Furthermore, if you are an offline brand, more than consumers discovering your brand, you want them to enter your store.

Bottomline – I know you want to make sales. But…

This is where you need to change your social media objective.

Stop Selling and Start Engaging

Social media is the wrong platform to sell your fashion clothing, instead, social media offers a fantastic platform to engage your customers. This in turn helps sales. How?

  • Social media is used for information and entertainment. Your engagement can do both of those.

  • As you gain more followers, more people become aware of your brand.

  • RECALL! One of the objectives of any marketing or advertising is to build recall. If your fashion brand engages the audience, they will recall your brand when they wish to purchase fashion clothing.

Here’s a quick look at how BuzzFeed creates engaging content.

Screenshot 2016-08-09 at 5.01.59 PM.pngScreenshot 2016-08-09 at 4.59.47 PM.png

What can you do?

Looking for more specific points on how your fashion brand can be engaging on social media?

Fashion and social media blend well together. In fact, fashion has a high engagement ratio.


Don’t Just Post Pictures of your product/service

Posting pictures of your clothes if you are a fashion retailer or a brand is not enough. You need to go beyond that and do something more to capture and engage your audience. One of the main reasons to avoid this is because ALL fashion brands are doing this from the big to the small names.

Involve the Environment


If you are a local brand, get your brand and social media involved in the locality. Anything local in the background can be a great connecting point to your local audience.


You can also push your brand to capture local events. The Fringe Theatre Festival in Edmonton could be a fantastic environment to not just capture your fashion brand but also other interesting things.

Reach out to Social Media Celebs

Social media has given birth to personal social media brands. You want to target models and photographers who have growing popularity. With them, you can create interesting photoshoots.

Burberry did something along similar lines. It hired Brooklyn Beckham due to his large following on Instagram and asked him to conduct a photoshoot.

Show the Inner-workings

Showing the inner working of your fashion brand makes a great story. From showing potential designs to how fashion clothing are made to the background scenes of photoshoots, there are tons of things you can do. All you have to do is ensure that you have enough visual documentation so that you can pepper your social media pages with them.

This is also a fantastic way to generate interest about any future clothing you are going to launch.

Make it About People

Make your brand about people. If your image can tell stories about people in unique ways, you will be able to capture your audience. For example:



Your followers will remember the people who wear the clothes. Furthermore, if you utilize the same model, it creates a connection with your social media followers.

The Occasional Sales Pitch

While most of your social media activity is focused on posts that engage, it does not mean you don’t throw in a sales pitch or two. Got a new fashion line coming out? Running a seasonal discount sale? Some of your customers would like to know, however, at the end of the day, the focus should be on engaging posts.

Just to sum up the points in the article:

  • Stop Selling – people come onto social media to be entertained and distracted

  • Engage – Create and put up unique content that engages your audience. Push the boundaries of your social media and do what no other brand has done.

Social media is a vibrant medium for your brand to reach out to your audience. Just make sure you are doing it right.