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Holiday season Shopping in Canada – Statistics & Facts

The holiday season is considered the busiest time of year for the retail sector, with a surge in trade typically commencing on Black Friday, the day following U.S. Thanksgiving. Deemed an American shopping tradition, the annual Black Friday sales have gained increasing popularity in Canada in recent years with consumers eager to find a bargain. Consumers are using various channels on Black Friday to purchase their discounted goods, with 55 percent of consumers using Canadian websites and 58 percent visiting Canadian stores. With increased marketing and awareness, the number of consumers buying items from Black Friday promotions has increased to 31 percent in 2017.

The average holiday shopping expenditure for Canadians shopping in-store in 2017 was 1,622 Canadian dollars, with children and partners being the people consumers spend the most on during the holidays. When it comes to generational holiday shopping budgeting, Millennials are the generation most likely to exceed their budget, with 55 percent of Millennial consumers stating they over-spent in 2017.

Despite the high prevalence of over-spending across all generations, price is an important factor to consumers when they are purchasing holiday gifts. This comes as no surprise when you consider that 50 percent of consumers anticipated that the prices of holiday goods would be higher in 2017 than the previous year. Department stores in Canada are the most popular location for holiday shopping , followed by mass merchants and grocery stores –Β Statista

Boxing Day is a huge shopping holiday for Canadians and to us, it’s still bigger than Black Friday or even Cyber Monday. But just how many people are hitting the stores, and who are they are buying for? These are just two questions that BMO asked in their latest survey, trying to get a better feel for who will be hitting the malls on the big day.

As it turns out, most of us – 62 per cent – will be doing some Boxing Day shopping, but not all provinces are created equal. Alberta will see the most amount of shoppers going out today (nearly everyone at 76 per cent,) with Atlantic Canada and Ontario following close behind. The province that’s the most tired of shopping by the time Boxing Day rolls around? Quebec. Only 36 per cent of them are still motivated to go hit the stores.





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