If you don’t use landing pages, you ought to. A landing page can make all the difference, whether you are running an SEO or PPC campaign. Now, now, I know what you’re thinking – What the heck is a landing page? And, how can it help me?

One thing that I can tell you (one of many!) is that an aeroplane can’t take off from it, but your sales can quite literally take off. You should always have several landing pages for your top services or products. It will be key to help you convert users to actually make a purchase.

You may say – but I already have a products or services page. That’s good, but you know what’s better? It’s having landing pages specifically dedicated to your product or service.

What is a Landing Page?

More than anything – all a landing page does is provide detailed information about the product or service. Where is it made? What can it be used for? What warranties are there on it?

Every shred of information is provided to help users make the right choice. I mentioned earlier that a landing page helps a visitor convert. How does a landing page do this?

Make a Lead

If you offer a service, the job of the landing page would be to make the visitor a lead. This can be done through a small lead generation form.

Make a Purchase

The landing page can make it easy for a user to make a product purchase. A button should be on the page that allows the user to make a purchase directly without taking the user to another page.

When do you need it?

You always need a landing page for your products and services. But it especially comes in handy when you’re running a discount offer or a PPC campaign. You can create a page that specifically targets the need of users who click on the PPC campaign. This is much better than taking a user to a generic page on your website.

For example, you run a campaign offering a Special Christmas Discount on your software. One option would be to take your users to the normal software page where the users can make the purchase. Another option would be to take your users to the page that is designed with a Christmas theme, content that wishes and brings out the merriment of Christmas, and all the necessary information about the software.

Which do you think is more appropriate for the moment, and more importantly, which do you think would convert your visitors to the page?

Without a doubt, the second option. It captures the spirit of the season and has the required information about the discount and the product. It matters for the users.

Why should you have it?

This is the biggest question that will be on your mind. So let me get to answering it.

SEO Opportunity

Creating a landing page gives you SEO opportunities. You can leverage specific keywords and long-tail keywords that users are searching for. Through link building activities (like sharing the offer on social media), you build online presence. You also have meta description and tags. Additionally, you have a whole range of off-page SEO activities that you can conduct.

Get Customers and Make Sales

The ultimate aim of any business is to get customers, and that’s what a landing page does. A landing page becomes part of the sales funnel to get your users to make a purchase. The users who come onto your landing page are much higher in a sales funnel. They are actually in search of the service or product.The content is specially written to target and appeal to users who want that product or service.

Bottom line – have landing pages for your best selling products and services, especially when you’re having a season sale on them. It’s much better than presenting your services in a generic format.


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