Setting a blog or website? Then most probably you will be using WordPress as a platform. WordPress is an extremely friendly platform for developing your website. If you are a website developer, you don’t have to start from scratch. WordPress gives you a host of themes to choose from. These themes reduce the amount of code you have to write and make, setting up your website easy.

Indeed, with WordPress themes, you can set up a WordPress website within few hours. You’ll definitely find a theme that suits your needs and gives your website a fantastic user interface. Here are the top 5 free WordPress themes you should be considering.

5. Roots

Roots is one of the most popular Bootstrap based themes out there. It’s easy to confuse Roots as framework rather than a starter theme. It offers you a fantastic WordPress hierarchy so you can present your information well. The Theme Wrapper is a great feature from Roots which helps you avoid writing the same code in multiple files. Roots also gives you a Clean URL Rewrites feature, however most website hosts don’t support it, forcing you to manual create it. If coding is new to you, you’ll want to avoid the Clean URL Rewrites.

4. Underscore

Underscore is a WordPress theme developed by Automattic, the creators of WordPress. You can chose from five layout templates which Underscore offers you. However, it does not have a pre-responsive layout, so you’ll have to work on creating one. Yet, Underscore makes you work to generate a starting theme with the name you want. The language used is HTML 5 and has a custom template tag which keeps it pretty clean. In addition, you’ll find the keyboard navigation feature pretty helpful.

3. Bones

This is a free blank theme built on a HTML5 Boilerplate. If you are one of those website developers really focused on a mobile targeting strategy, then Bones is what you want. The theme makes use of the Mobile First approach which gives your website a lower loading time and better screen scale. You’ll have a lot of flexibility to modify Custom Post Types and Custom Dashboard Functions. This will give you plenty of space to customise the admin area for your client.

2. HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

This is one of the most basic WordPress themes out there. It is a Web-performance optimised theme just for developers. You’ll find it to be quite a lean Boilerplate theme. It’s pretty fast, light and has many functions. Blank WordPress Theme has a custom theme function like a dynamic sidebar and boilerplate code for using WordPress’s Shortcode API in your theme.

1. Fruitful

Fruitful is an extremely light and clean theme. Building up and customising in an easy and quick manner is what the theme gives you. It provides you two choices; you can select a responsive or static width layout depending on your needs. In addition, you’ll get a variety of options such as full screen backgrounds, various Google Fonts built in and styling options for your menu and header. On a whole, if you’re working on an arty theme, Fruitful is what you want to go for.

Take a look at each of these and select one that suits the website you imagine best and make it real!