Designing a website is one of the first steps to creating your own niche on the internet. It will be a digital front for your brand name through which you can spread awareness of your business. If you have not done it before, launching a website will be a new experience. You want to prepare yourself for setting up and making sure you have all the ducks in a row. Here are 5 very important points to scratch your head on before you dive into the creation of your website.

Purpose of the Website

It is depending on the purpose of the website that you will design and add pages accordingly. Is it for generating sales? For creating brand awareness? For sharing information? Each type of website will mean a different design. E.g. an e-commerce website will need product listings and a shopping cart, a website mainly aiming to create brand awareness will need a lot of information, articles and blogs.

A purpose points out what you want your website to do and you can start designing accordingly.

Who is Your Audience?

Your website is going to cater to your audience, hence it is important that you know them. Your content, your design, the pages you are going to have will all depend on who your audience is. Once you know who your audience is, you also realise what they want from your website. If your business deals with working professionals, you could choose a formal tone, while if it deals with retail customers, you may want to choose an informal one.

Finding your Site

It would be a big mistake to think that once your website is up, traffic will automatically find your site. Instead, it’s best to start thinking of how you are going to divert traffic to your site. Learn about social media integration and SEO strategy which will work effectively for your business.

The Style

Your website will be a digital window into your business. Customers may not be able to meet you, but your website will make a first impression on them. It is time to start forming an image on how you want your website to look, from the colour, font, web pages, etc.

The style needs to represent your business. A flimsy design can raise a lot of questions among visitors, while a well made one can inspire confidence in them. It is important to start thinking about it now because your website has to start from something.

How are You Going to Set it up?

There are many things you have to consider when setting up your website. If you are lacking technical knowledge, there are two options. You can hire someone to design it. The other option is to go for websites with interactive UI which have easy guidelines to build your own site. Warning – try the latter only if you’ve dabbled in this before! You also have to decide on which host you want your website to be set up on.

These are five of the most important things which you have to think of when you create your website.  Think well and make the best decisions for your business.