Ep # 84

Picture a Gen Y or a millennial. What do you see? A techie bro in a sweatshirt parked in front of a laptop or smartphone? A twenty-something snapping a selfie or video? You probably didn’t picture a parent spending time with one or two children. And yet, as the oldest millennials approach 40, more than +40% of the generation identifies as parents. The stereotypes don’t align with the stats, dads are taking more active roles and no longer moms are just cooking at home. You are no longer just talking to moms or women who use to make decisions around consumer or household goods.

Gyn Y parenting

Source: Millennials Marketing


Millennial parents and Gen Y are breaking down the stereotypical gender roles. among parents, dads are more likely than moms to look for parenting guidance on YouTube, and to use YouTube to connect with their children. In fact, nearly 8 out of 10 millennial parents agree that their child is one of their best friends. Marketers can target this strong bond among Millennials and their kids.

Millenials Digital consumption

Source: Marketing to Millennials

The key to engage young moms and dads is? Relevant and timely digital solutions which they can engage with. Here is a infographic put together by Google Canada:


marketing to canadian parents

Source: Google Canada