Videos have a greater reach than written content. There are plenty of options to shoot videos and upload them on social media networks. With videos, you can make teasers, showcase your products and do so much more.

As a small or medium sized business, you don’t want to make 10 minute long videos. Instead, just using a decent camera, you can record quick videos and boost your business.

Here are a few apps and networks you can use to start uploading videos on.


This is an app which you can use to record videos and upload them on Twitter and Facebook. The app allows for only 6 second videos which you can use. In 6 seconds, there is so much you can do, such as show your product’s best features or create a teaser video for a new video.

You can give them a preview of what is to come. If it is an event, you can constantly have 6 second videos of practice sessions and see how the anticipation of your audience builds. It is a great way to give potential clients a quick view of the work you have done.

Six seconds is not only very short, but it is also impossible to lose an audience’s attention in six seconds.

Instagram Video

Instagram video is an app similar to the Vine, except that instead of a 6 second video, you can now shoot a 15 second video. Instagram video also has some editing capabilities where you can cut and join videos. You can share videos with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursqare, etc.

What can you do with Instagram video? You can do the same thing as Vine, but in Instagram Video, you are getting more than double the time.

Facebook Video

Facebook allows you to upload 20 minute videos of High Definition (HD) quality. 20 minutes is a lot of time.

You can post interesting commercials which generate responses from your followers. You can encourage your followers to put up fan videos of how they like the product. Ask fans to record and share the videos. Bring yourself to the forefront and record message directly speaking to your customers telling them of upcoming products. Share knowledge on the lines of TED talks. 20 minutes is plenty of time, so show the human side of your business by introducing your work place and employees.

Google Plus

Google Plus gives you a unique way to use videos. By using Google Plus Hangouts, you can host web conferences with your customers and unlimited number of people can view you. You can regularly hold panel discussions where distance won’t matter since it will happen over Google Plus. Whatever videos you record through Google Plus can be easily shared to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

If your business is very dependent on a B2B model, this is a great way to attract clients.


This is the most popular video network on the internet. There is no time limit on YouTube videos and it can be shared on any social media site. YouTube by itself will present so many possibilities for your brand.

These five are more than enough to get your brand into the video world of social media.

About The Author,

Sam Raheel – Techie at heart, Sam is a Director and Chief Marketing Strategist at @RapidBoost