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Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are an excellent way to get the kind of traction most local service providers only dream of on Twitter, giving you a huge boost in engagement and traffic while generating conversations that center your business.

Big brands have been using Twitter chat, but we don’t see a lot of local service providers taking advantage of that. Netflix’s #DVDchat, for example, is their monthly Twitter chat. Netflix’s account will post questions around a specific theme or genre, like horror movies or musicals.

Determine business goals is a critical thing. You can’t figure out how to host a successful Twitter chat, after all, if you don’t even really know what “success” means for you.

Netflix’s #DVDchat, for example, isn’t called “#NetflixChat” or “#MovieChat.” It’s called #DVDchat, and they’ll intentionally bring up movies that aren’t on the online streaming roster, because it encourages users to subscribe to their lesser-used DVD mailing service.



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