Google’s Pigeon update in 2014 has reaffirmed its focus on local searches. As a local business in Edmonton, you have the chance to beat competitors by fine-tuning your SEO by going local. Updates by Google set to make it smarter and take in more local information from websites to provide the best results to users searching in a particular area.

One aspect missed out by many businesses when it comes to local SEO is utilizing the physical location around you to ensure that you are found.

What does this mean for you and your local SEO?

Real World Data

Google has spent a huge amount of money and resources to bring real world data to the online world. This has resulted in a very efficient Google Maps and Street View.

To get your business mapped out on Google Maps, you need to ensure you have a Google Business page. List down your address accurately and ensure Google pins it down on the map.

Also, check if your business location, store or office appears on Google’s Street View. This can help people find it.


What other prominent locations are near to your business? By leveraging other prominent businesses, malls, parks or buildings along with your address, near to your office, you help Google recognize the location of your business.

This works to your advantage.

Any well-known location that is marked on Google Maps becomes an advantage that you need to leverage, as a keyword, along with your local SEO.


Get Google to narrow down the location of your business by leveraging the neighborhood you are in. Whenever you mention the address of your business, always mention it along with the neighborhood. This will work well with your local SEO.

Address Mention

On every page of your website, ensure your business’s address is mentioned. Have it at the bottom of your website, so that it does not interfere with the user experience. By doing this simple move, you inform search engines that your business is local.

Virtual Tour

Creating a virtual tour for your business has several advantages.

– You give your customers a preview of the location before they actually enter it.

– Since you offer a virtual tour of your business, it improves your SEO. So much so, that Google will present a panel allowing viewers to explore your business.


Edmonton Optometrist

‘See inside’ is part of the virtual tour offered by this business

If you are not going to have a virtual tour, at least put up pictures of your website online. Add tags and descriptions for them so that Google can find them.

Improve your Physical Visibility

How visible is your business in reality? Is the signage confusing? There is no point of leveraging your local SEO if a potential customer in Edmonton can’t find your business’s physical location. Over 65% of people who use Google maps, also use Google street view. Clear visible signage will help people identify your business on map street views.

Ensure there is sufficient signage to identify your business.

It would be a mistake to undervalue the power of local SEO. Leverage it right and it will play a critical factor in beating the competition, gaining traffic and boosting sales.