LinkedIn is fastest growing B2B social media network with over 414 million members. You can leverage LinkedIn in variety of different ways. LinkedIn has proven itself as a thriving platform for Linkedin for lawyersB2B marketing that is better than Facebook or Twitter.

So what are some unique ways of leveraging LinkedIn to gain more clients?

LinkedIn is all about the Network

One of the first things you need to understand is that LinkedIn is all about building your network. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, virality isn’t a core aspect on LinkedIn because the platform has not been built with the same share capabilities as other social media platforms.

Hence, all the content, updates, and posts that go out from the business page will ONLY be seen by those in your network.

  • Add your Employees to the Network:
    The first and easiest thing to do is ensure that all your employees connect with your brand page.

  • Connect with clients and potential clients:
    Let your page reach out to clients and potential clients and follow their page. This is a good way to know what the client is up to. If you are an HR agency, you can even become aware of the job positions your clients are searching for. Additionally, a client may follow you back, out of courtesy.

Publish a Post or Share an Update

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‘Share an update’ is perfect for quick snippets and short posts. However, you should turn your focus to publish a post.

Of all the social media platforms in the market, LinkedIn is the one that has turned on a great focus on to content. One way they have done this is through the ‘Publish a post’ feature.

Ensure that you utilize publish a post more often. You can:

  • Be a Thought Leader:
    Your brand will have insightful data on the industry. Create and share posts and position your brand as a knowledgeable one.

  • Post at the Right Time:

    The right time is during business hours.

  • Source:

The more often you do it, the higher your chance to become a LinkedIn Influencer.

Hack LinkedIn Pulse

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LinkedIn further shows that it is dedicated to high quality content through the launch of Pulse. Pulse is LinkedIn’s attempt to curate the content on the platform. By adding your content to Pulse, you can get over 50,000 views and engage with readers.

The content of Pulse is categorized by Channels, which are topics. A large number of topics have 1,000,000 plus followers.

So, how can you get your content featured in Pulse?

  • Insert Multi-Media:
    Add pictures (a minimum of 8) and video links. You break the monotony of just plain text and make your post fun to read.

  • Game the Algorithm:
    Keywords, likes and shares. You need to let LinkedIn know that your content piece matters. For that, it should have keywords (so that LinkedIn knows what the post is about) and likes and shares (so that LinkedIn knows the post is relevant to readers).

  • @LinkedInPulse
    If you think your content post contains some unheard of information, tweet to LinkedIn (@LinkedIn Pulse) and asked them to feature it. It never hurts to sell your content a little.

Getting published on Pulse is not easy, but the more unique content you publish, the better your chances.

LinkedIn has built itself up as a professional network, unlike any other. It is going to take time and effort to build your brand, network and reach. If you are able to consistently create content, interact on groups, and work on the other suggestions, your brand will be able to unlock the potential of LinkedIn.