Twitter is not just about posting tweets regularly, tagging people and using hashtags. There is a lot you can do on it, and – you want to do more! This social platform can help build your brand and attract more clients.

Here are the various and unique Twitter strategies for your business:

Get your Profile Right

If you want people to follow you, you need a profile that exudes the brand you want to show. There are 4 elements to this.

  • The Cover Image:
    The cover image is the most striking part of your profile. No, do not have a picture cover of that awesome scenery with you just standing there. Have a cover picture that captures your brand.

This is a cover image from @EdmundSLee. It’s too preachy for my tastes. However, it exudes professionalism.

I do, however, like the cover image from @Brainzooming. It’s a picture that piques my curiosity.

  • Profile Image:
    Your profile picture is a representation of you and it will appear along with your profile all over Twitter. Pick something that captures who you are. It can be a typical smiling, professional portrait, a caricature or just an image of you busy doing something.

  • Description:
    Describe yourself in the best manner possible.

  • Twitter Handle:
    Your Twitter handle can be funny, serious or simple. Seth Godin’s Twitter handle is @ThisIsSethsBlog and CEO Christine Perkett’s Twitter handle is @missusP. I am not saying that your handle has to be funny or unique – simple also works.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to building your profile. What does matter is that you present the brand business consultation image that you want.

Link Placement

Twitter is a great place to share your blogs, videos and curated content. The general rule is that you attach the link at the bottom of your post. A study by data scientist, Dan Zarrella, has shed a different insight.

The best place to put a link is through 25% of the tweet. Improve your click through rate by placing the links at the right position.


Words are not the only way to communicate your message. Twitter has evolved to present a host of multimedia which you should include in your Twitter strategy for your business consultation.

From GIFs to infographics, there are various media items you can use on Twitter. It is an effective way to communicate your message apart from the typical tweets.

Conducting a workshop? Found a funny and inspiring meme? Share it!

@reply Carefully

Reply allows you to interact with a Twitter user directly. Furthermore, you can build a really good conversation with the user. However, there is one thing you may not be aware about Twitter reply and that is – your followers don’t see it.

So, while you may be replying to a HR or sales query, your followers will miss out on the conversation.

What can you do? Don’t start your Tweet with the person’s handle. Here’s an example: ‘Hi @richarbranson…’

Have a Twitter Conversation

If you can, have a Twitter conversation with Richard Branson to get your business exposure. However, if you can’t, then you need to pick the right person to have a Twitter conversation with.

A Twitter conversation takes a break from your usual tweets and one sided conversations. Plus, it gives your followers an interesting insight into your business consultation.

  • Who? You need to pick the right person to have a conversation. It can be a current client, an entrepreneur, or an established business owner. Ensure the person has a good following.

  • Topic? The topic you pick can be a starting point for a conversation.

  • Keep it natural, fun and informational.

A Twitter conversation is a simple way to generate a small buzz and to attract more followers.

Curate, Curate, Curate

This is what you may usually be doing on Twitter: tweet, tweet, tweet.

There is only so much you can say. Through curation, you can provide your followers with precision and pin-point help. For example, you can’t really tweet posts about SEO, sales, marketing, operation, logistic management and more – yet all of these come under your purview as a business consultant.

If you can’t create original content due to lack of resources and time – CURATE! It’s a great way to attract people to follow you simply because you share information they need.

Sharing is a Dilbert post is also curation!

Spend Money to Earn Money

Twitter offers several ways for you to launch an advertising campaign. When you’ve just launched your brand consultation or opened a Twitter handle, making your target audience aware of your business consultation brand can be difficult. Spending on Twitter advertising is a strategy that can earn you business.

You can run an advertising campaign to gain Twitter followers, promote your Twitter content or re-direct users to your website.

Twitter has a range of targeting options that ensures you reach the right audience.


Engage The Right Audience

Twitter has a sea of people. The right audience for your business is someone who plans to, has started, or is operating a business and needs professional guidance. How do you find these people?

Tracking keywords and phrases on Twitter is an effective way to do so. You need the right tools to do so.

Twitter Search should be your first stop.

Here’s a search I did for the phrase of ‘build a business’. The second profile would definitely be a part of your target audience.

You can also use TweetDeck. TweetDeck offers a range of power options to manage your Twitter profile, such as scheduling tweets. It has a search feature that allows you to find keywords on a particular topic. You can also identify tweets which are popular and trending within your topic and target audience.

Twitfox offers a powerful way to track keywords and phrases on Twitter. You can try their trial to understand if this is an application you want to use.

Getting your business consultation noticed on Twitter is a difficult task, but not an impossible one. Each of these strategies, executed in the right manner and context, can boost your Twitter presence and bring in more clients.