Edmonton internet usage


Edmontonians certainly are funny individuals. Their routines & behavior, quirks, and stereotypes happen to be famous.

But luckily, a recently posted list of probably the most visited web sites in Edmonton presents at the very least a cursory look into Edmontonians more non-public habits.

These sites could be divided into five primary categories: social media platforms, banking, shopping, news/media, and, unsurprisingly…pornography.

There are, on the other hand, some outlier web sites — the ones that offer weather condition forecasts and federal government services, for instance. Reddit.com is another news site that keeps Edmontonians updated on trending topics. They spend almost 14 minutes checking it out, with an average of 9 pageviews.

Edmontonians surely show love to Kijiji.ca. Visitors linger for an average of 9.54 minutes per site visit. It also gets almost 10 pageviews daily. We also learn more interesting stats about Edmontonians that 4/5 admit to logging on to the net while they are watching TV and 46% use phones while using the washroom. 


Canadian internet usage

Source: CIRA


Province to province as well these stats vary greatly. Example: Alberta residents (49%) say that they know how to use a digital wallet service, whereas not even one-third of Manitobans (31% say they do). Also, Alberta is also ahead in the home automation space: Albertans are most likely to have a connected home security/surveillance camera (26% versus 15% overall) Source: CIRA.


The list comes from SimilarWeb

View the top 50 below:

50. rbcroyalbank.com

49. bbc.com

48. craigslist.org

47. bestbuy.ca

46. cibc.com

45. mircosoftonline.com

44. bmo.com

43. cnn.com

42. walmart.ca

41. tumblr.com

40. nhl.com

39. twitch.tv

38. ebay.com

37. scotiabank.com

36. chaturbate.com

35. canada.ca

34. imgur.com

33. ampproject.org

32. indeed.com

31. office.com

30. pinterest.ca

29. desjardins.com

28. bing.com

27. duckduckgo.com

26. imdb.com

25. ebay.ca

24. cbc.ca

23. linkedin.com

22. theweathernetwork.com

21. xhamster.com

20. royalbank.com

19. td.com

18. amazon.com

17. msn.com

16. xnxx.com

15. xvideos.com

14. kijiji.ca

13. netflix.com

12. instagram.com

11. twitter.com

10. wikipedia.org

9. reddit.com

8. yahoo.com

7. pornhub.com

6. live.com

5. amazon.ca

4. google.ca

3. facebook.com

2. youtube.com

1. google.com

Do any of these surprise you?