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What Edmonton Is Searching On Google

Edmonton Alberta

What Edmonton is Searching on Google?


Edmontonians Google everything, from food to weather to weird questions, sentences and phrases. Things like we know that Edmonton Oilers is 3rd most searched term with over 450,000 searches for it every month, in comparison to Edmonton Eskimos gets only 40k searches a month. All the data is coming from and it’s an average of last 12 months.

Beside that Edmontonians are searching for information like Haunted Houses, Movie Theaters etc. When is comes to food Chinese food is most loved by Edmonton as they searched for it more than 4500 times on average every month followed by Merican and then Thai food.

Another interesting thing is misspellings, monthly volume search for one misspelling of the city name: Edminton is searched 5400 times.


Monthly Volume & Top Searched Phrases in Edmonton


NoKeywordSearch Volume
2edmonton weather823000
3edmonton oilers450000
4edmonton kijiji450000
5edmonton news165000
6edmonton journal165000
7edmonton sun135000
8edmonton global74000
9edmonton jobs49500
10edmonton indeed49500
11edmonton weather network49500
12edmonton global news49500
13edmonton restaurants40500
14edmonton eskimos40500
15edmonton time33100
16edmonton hotels27100
17edmonton public library27100
18edmonton humane society27100
19edmonton oilers schedule22200
20edmonton news ctv22200
21edmonton registries22200
22edmonton journal obituary22200
23edmonton houses for sale18100
24edmonton news cbc18100
25edmonton airport18100
26edmonton temperature18100
27edmonton rentals14800
28edmonton downtown restaurants14800
29edmonton map14800
30edmonton traffic14800
31edmonton ice castles14800
32edmonton journal obits14800
33edmonton movie guide14800
34edmonton population14800
35edmonton furniture stores12100
36edmonton apartments for rent12100
37edmonton real estate12100
38edmonton mls12100
39edmonton massage12100
40edmonton taxi12100
41edmonton international airport12100
42edmonton spca12100
43edmonton weather radar12100
44edmonton mall12100
45edmonton obituaries12100
46edmonton police12100
47edmonton gas prices12100
48edmonton homes for sale9900
49edmonton airport parking9900
50edmonton bmw9900
51edmonton kijiji jobs9900
52edmonton concerts9900
53fort edmonton park9900
54edmonton alberta9900
55edmonton lrt9900
56edmonton hockey9900
57edmonton walk in clinic8100
58edmonton corn maze8100
59edmonton oil kings8100
60edmonton movie theatres8100
61edmonton public schools8100
62edmonton transit8100
63edmonton forecast8100
64edmonton outlet mall8100
65edmonton postal codes8100
66edmonton zoo8100
67edmonton used cars6600
68edmonton to toronto flights6600
69edmonton to calgary6600
70edmonton events6600
71edmonton yellow cab6600
72edmonton golf courses6600
73edmonton bottle depot6600
74edmonton expo centre6600
75edmonton eco station6600
76edmonton farmers market6600
77edmonton road conditions6600
78edmonton ymca6600
79edmonton library6600
80edmonton oilers roster6600
81edmonton valley zoo6600
82edmonton to vancouver flights5400
83edmonton to toronto5400
84edmonton to vancouver5400
85edmonton uber5400
86edmonton cabs5400
87edmonton expo5400
88edmonton museum5400
89edmonton food bank5400
90edmonton hospitals5400
91edmonton brunch5400
92edmonton breakfast5400
93edmonton airport arrivals5400
94edmonton time zone5400
95edmonton oilers tickets4400
96edmonton locksmith4400
97edmonton to calgary bus4400
98edmonton job bank4400
99edmonton gyms4400
100edmonton dermatologist4400
101edmonton flyers4400
102edmonton can4400
103edmonton downtown4400
104edmonton fasteners4400
105edmonton 14 day forecast4400
106edmonton minor hockey4400
107edmonton reddit4400
108edmonton volunteer3600
109edmonton volvo3600
110edmonton dog rescue3600
111edmonton news today3600
112edmonton convention centre3600
113edmonton yoga3600
114edmonton breaking news3600
115edmonton liquor stores3600
116edmonton to jasper3600
117edmonton catholic schools3600
118edmonton fire3600
119edmonton city centre3600
120edmonton courthouse3600
121edmonton remand centre3600
122edmonton radio stations3600
123edmonton lrt map3600
124edmonton crime map3600
125edmonton police station3600
126edmonton used tires2900
127edmonton house2900
128edmonton buy and sell2900
129edmonton art gallery2900
130edmonton university2900
131edmonton kenworth2900
132edmonton real estate pro2900
133edmonton korean bbq2900
134edmonton shooting2900
135edmonton stingers2900
136edmonton public skating2900
137edmonton waste management2400
138edmonton vip theatre2400
139edmonton nut and bolt2400
140edmonton white pages2400
141edmonton kaye clinic2400
142edmonton public school calendar2400
143edmonton airport departures2400
144edmonton elevation2400
145edmonton rec center2400
146edmonton oilers standings2400
147edmonton lrt schedule2400
148edmonton jewellers1900
149edmonton wedding venues1900
150edmonton symphony1900
151edmonton events today1900
152edmonton bus routes1900
153edmonton new restaurants1900
154edmonton tower1900
155edmonton movie times1900
156edmonton 3111900
157edmonton 4111900
158edmonton most wanted1900
159edmonton 7 day forecast1900
160hotels near edmonton airport1600
161edmonton scooters1600
162edmonton used auto parts1600
163edmonton inn1600
164edmonton job fair1600
165edmonton vet1600
166edmonton dump1600
167edmonton karaoke1600
168edmonton 7 day weather1600
169edmonton general hospital1600
170edmonton departures1600
171edmonton sport and social club1600
172edmonton oilers account manager1600
173edmonton vs calgary1600
174edmonton population 20191600
175edmonton eye clinic1300
176edmonton eskimos tickets1300
177edmonton international airport parking1300
178edmonton lighting1300
179edmonton kickboxing1300
180campgrounds near edmonton1300
181edmonton eskimos game1300
182edmonton lost pets1300
183edmonton kubota1300
184edmonton bus fare1300
185edmonton islamic academy1300
186edmonton airport mall1300
187edmonton downtown farmers market1300
188edmonton opera1300
189edmonton zoo hours1300
190edmonton housing market1000
191edmonton haunted house1000
192edmonton yoga studio1000
193edmonton west animal hospital1000
194edmonton date ideas1000
195edmonton yellow pages1000
196edmonton neighbourhoods1000
197edmonton 2111000
198edmonton law courts1000
199edmonton soccer dome1000
200edmonton 96.31000
201edmonton institution1000
202edmonton zip code1000
203edmonton garrison1000
204edmonton x ray880
205edmonton ballet880
206edmonton basketball880
207edmonton glow880
208edmonton landfill880
209edmonton community foundation880
210edmonton public school board880
211edmonton 3d printing720
212edmonton 3d printer720
213edmonton airport taxi720
214edmonton griesbach720
215edmonton urgent care720
216edmonton ski club720
217edmonton zoning map720
218edmonton 92.5720
219edmonton service centre720
220edmonton john howard society720
221edmonton 2 bedroom apartments590
222edmonton job shop590
223edmonton can am590
224fort edmonton park hours590
225edmonton 124 street restaurants590
226edmonton noise bylaw590
227edmonton arts council590
228edmonton wildcats590
229edmonton quilting stores480
230edmonton 3d ultrasound480
231edmonton jubilee480
232edmonton valve and fitting480
233edmonton news live480
234edmonton valley zoo hours480
235edmonton impound480
236edmonton yeg480
237edmonton unemployment rate480
238edmonton vs toronto480
239edmonton 107.1480
240beaches near edmonton480
241edmonton 124 street480
242edmonton zoning bylaw480
243edmonton quartz countertops390
244edmonton 3 bedroom for rent390
245edmonton 4 bedroom house for rent390
246edmonton dance factory390
247edmonton 5 pin bowling390
248edmonton zoo lights390
249edmonton ghost tours390
250edmonton youth basketball390
251edmonton film festival390
252edmonton 2 week forecast390
253edmonton 99.3390
254edmonton international film festival390
255edmonton queen390
256edmonton can am dealers320
257edmonton kia320
258edmonton upcoming events320
259fort edmonton park dark320
260edmonton 420320
261hikes near edmonton320
262edmonton 420 club320
263edmonton integrated services320
264edmonton vs vancouver320
265edmonton where to vote320
266edmonton 118 ave320
267edmonton volleyball association320
268edmonton 5 star hotels260
269edmonton can am dealerships260
270edmonton 24 hour vet260
271edmonton vs montreal260
272edmonton where to eat260
273edmonton fall home show260
274jobs with edmonton oilers260
275edmonton 97.3260
276edmonton 630 ched260
277edmonton 10k260
278edmonton vs winnipeg260
279edmonton 91.7260
280edmonton valley line260
281edmonton nordic ski club260
282edmonton x ray clinics210
283edmonton christmas market210
284who owns edmonton oilers210
285edmonton young offender centre210
286edmonton 0 financing170
287edmonton halloween events170
288jobs with edmonton police service170
289fort edmonton park wedding170
290edmonton and area map170
291is edmonton safe170
292edmonton or calgary170
293edmonton and calgary170
294edmonton 511170
295is edmonton mountain time170
296edmonton kentucky140
297edmonton 5 day forecast140
298edmonton 649140
299edmonton 97 street140
300edmonton 24 hour grocery110
301edmonton zoo jobs110
302edmonton 30 day forecast110
303edmonton 1260110
304edmonton federal ridings110
305edmonton zones110
306edmonton usa110
307edmonton youth orchestra110
308edmonton 4 plex for sale90
309fort edmonton park map90
310edmonton and area land trust90
311edmonton 311 app90
312fort edmonton park christmas90
313edmonton dark90
314edmonton 747 bus90
315edmonton youtubers90
316when was edmonton founded90
317fort edmonton park hotel70
318edmonton vs toronto nhl70
319the who edmonton 201970
320edmonton uniqlo70
321edmonton zoo map70
322edmonton 211 resources70
323edmonton west candidates70
324edmonton 201970
325edmonton 880 news70
326is edmonton a city70
327will edmonton50
328edmonton quilt guild50
329edmonton 71150
330fort edmonton foundation50
331edmonton vs calgary reddit50
332edmonton vs hamilton50
333where edmonton magazine50
334edmonton vs vegas40
335how much is edmonton bus fare40
336edmonton 24 hour weather40
337edmonton 7 day40
338edmonton 91140
339edmonton 747 schedule40
340edmonton quadrants40
341when did edmonton become a city40
342is edmonton a sanctuary city30
343edmonton 5k30
344edmonton and area30
345how far edmonton to calgary30
34602 edmonton30
347the who edmonton tickets20
348edmonton vs canucks20
349fort edmonton park christmas party20
350edmonton where to go20
351to edmonton airport20
352edmonton 630 ched live20
3530017 edmonton rsc20
354edmonton 411 reverse lookup20
355the who edmonton cancelled20
356edmonton 7 eleven20
357edmonton and district historical society20
358is edmonton pacific time20
359is edmonton in northern alberta20
360can edmonton oilers make the playoffs20
361edmonton and area child and family services20
362edmonton and surrounding area population20
363edmonton feels like weather20
364which is bigger edmonton or calgary20
365will edmonton have to evacuate20
366will edmonton oilers make the playoffs20
367edmonton xbox one10
368edmonton can-am atv dealers10
369how much are edmonton oilers tickets10
370edmonton 81 support gear10
371how much are edmonton eskimo tickets10
372how much does edmonton flyer force pay10
373near edmonton attractions10
374edmonton 60s bands10
375how much are edmonton oilers season tickets10
376edmonton and district dental society10
377edmonton 80's bands10
378edmonton 3rd jersey10
379fort edmonton dark reviews10
380who is edmonton oilers coach10
381when will edmonton warm up10
382when is edmonton oilers next game10
383edmonton 2020 concerts10
384how is edmonton to live10
385edmonton or calgary to live10
386edmonton 80 story tower10
3870017 edmonton rsc safeway10
388why edmonton is better than calgary10
389why edmonton is the worst10
390how much is edmonton transit bus fare10
391edmonton zombie walk 201910
392is edmonton dangerous10
393how much do edmonton police make10
394edmonton temperature feels like10
395are edmonton buses running today10
396are edmonton oilers out of playoffs10
397are edmonton oilers playing tonight10
398are edmonton outdoor pools free10
399are edmonton roads icy today10
400are edmonton soccer fields open10



Monthly Volume & Top Searched Phrases in Alberta


KeywordMonthly Search Volume
alberta kijiji246000
alberta health services90500
alberta treasury branch74000
alberta university74000
alberta blue cross60500
alberta news40500
alberta 51140500
alberta map33100
alberta government jobs27100
jobs with alberta government27100
alberta student loans27100
alberta wildfire27100
alberta time27100
alberta road report22200
alberta bill of sale18100
alberta minimum wage18100
alberta works18100
alberta weather18100
alberta royal museum18100
alberta junior hockey league18100
alberta outdoorsmen18100
alberta registries14800
alberta government14800
alberta population14800
alberta stat holidays12100
alberta health services jobs9900
jobs with alberta health services9900
alberta election 20199900
alberta law society9900
alberta blue cross login9900
alberta relm9900
alberta jobs8100
alberta motor association8100
alberta employment standards8100
alberta drivers license8100
alberta drivers test8100
alberta driving test8100
alberta insurance council8100
alberta parks8100
alberta time zone8100
alberta one call6600
alberta education6600
alberta college of pharmacists6600
alberta transportation6600
alberta 4116600
alberta provincial election6600
alberta time change6600
alberta ndp6600
alberta premier6600
alberta flag5400
alberta auctions5400
alberta labour laws5400
alberta art gallery5400
alberta tax calculator5400
alberta carbon tax5400
alberta learners test5400
alberta health link5400
alberta road test5400
alberta student loan login5400
alberta college of paramedics5400
alberta ucp5400
alberta children's hospital5400
alberta purchasing connection5400
alberta volleyball5400
alberta netcare5400
alberta ballet4400
alberta health care4400
alberta seniors benefit4400
alberta beach4400
alberta tax brackets4400
alberta health4400
alberta police report4400
where's alberta canada4400
alberta canada4400
alberta mortgage rates3600
alberta labour board3600
alberta vehicle bill of sale3600
alberta honda3600
alberta economy3600
alberta health care card3600
alberta works calgary3600
alberta child care subsidy3600
alberta hospital3600
alberta energy regulator3600
alberta courts3600
alberta rules of court3600
alberta museum3600
alberta legislature3600
alberta ohs2900
alberta vehicle registration2900
alberta weather radar2900
alberta oil2900
alberta income support2900
alberta child benefit2900
alberta supports2900
alberta medical association2900
alberta proud2900
alberta innovates2900
alberta unemployment rate2900
alberta teachers association2900
alberta labour standards2400
alberta oil sands2400
alberta wmu map2400
alberta student number2400
alberta dental fee guide1900
alberta scholarships1900
alberta cycle1900
alberta vital statistics1900
alberta income tax calculator1900
alberta minimum wage 20191900
alberta lab services1900
alberta gst1900
alberta surplus1900
alberta sunshine list1900
alberta exam bank1900
alberta area codes1900
alberta netcare login1900
alberta occupational health and safety1600
alberta vacation pay1600
alberta employment standards code1600
alberta human rights commission1600
alberta and bc map1600
alberta new home warranty1600
alberta land titles1600
alberta immunization schedule1600
alberta income tax1600
alberta program of studies1600
alberta vaccine schedule1600
alberta government directory1600
alberta queen's printer1600
alberta job bank1300
alberta university of the arts1300
alberta ohs code1300
alberta drywall1300
alberta dental association1300
alberta fine payment1300
alberta debt1300
alberta national parks1300
alberta hospital edmonton1300
alberta pension services1300
alberta id1300
alberta population 20191300
alberta furnace cleaning1000
alberta carpet cleaning1000
alberta diamond exchange1000
alberta theatre projects1000
alberta mental health1000
alberta association of optometrists1000
alberta 2019 election1000
alberta gold1000
alberta government surplus1000
alberta blue cross careers1000
alberta utilities commission1000
alberta court of appeal1000
alberta aviation museum1000
alberta 2015 election1000
apply for alberta student loan880
alberta road test booking880
alberta digital id880
alberta gaming and liquor880
alberta aid880
alberta aids to daily living880
alberta environment and parks880
alberta 511 twitter880
alberta 649880
alberta mens hockey league880
alberta job grant720
alberta momentum massage720
alberta overtime laws720
alberta 1 call720
alberta teachers retirement fund720
careers with alberta government720
alberta student loan number720
alberta ombudsman720
alberta id card720
alberta foundation for the arts720
alberta kenney720
alberta education program of studies720
alberta association of architects720
alberta reddit720
alberta rules of court canlii720
alberta infrastructure720
alberta justice720
alberta gdp720
alberta budget590
is alberta rat free590
alberta queens bench590
alberta government news590
alberta works northgate590
alberta zip code590
alberta views480
alberta works application480
alberta investment management corporation480
alberta eye md480
alberta knowledge test480
alberta budget 2019480
alberta and saskatchewan map480
alberta federation of labour480
alberta finance minister480
alberta liquor connect480
alberta netcare portal480
alberta orders in council480
alberta referral directory480
alberta fried chicken390
alberta vehicle inspection390
alberta vehicle inspection form390
alberta nurses390
alberta vehicle registration cost390
alberta winter games 2020390
alberta yellow pages320
alberta job corps320
apply for alberta health card320
alberta quits320
alberta find a doctor320
alberta library320
alberta 311320
alberta gazette320
alberta avenue320
is alberta mountain time320
alberta unions260
alberta kindergarten curriculum260
alberta king of subs260
alberta food equipment260
candidates for alberta election260
will alberta separate260
alberta to toronto260
alberta union of provincial employees260
alberta assessment consortium260
alberta ndp caucus260
alberta 2019 stat holidays260
alberta urban municipalities association260
alberta budget cuts210
alberta 2019 budget210
alberta zoo210
alberta yoga college170
alberta job losses170
alberta news releases170
alberta kinesiology association170
register for alberta election140
alberta yoga association140
alberta quebec140
alberta war room140
alberta kindergarten age140
alberta and saskatchewan140
alberta federal ridings140
alberta to toronto flight110
alberta jubilee110
alberta where to vote110
alberta to vancouver110
will alberta leave canada110
alberta 211110
alberta 15110
alberta 4h110
alberta 811110
alberta to ontario110
is alberta in a recession90
alberta 55 plus90
alberta join usa90
alberta 1 auto loans70
alberta kidney foundation70
alberta xl bullies70
alberta 2019 election candidates70
alberta who to vote for70
alberta yarn project70
alberta urology institute70
alberta to alaska railway70
alberta kindergarten program of studies70
how much does alberta pay in equalization70
alberta zones70
alberta 2019 holidays70
alberta 51st state70
alberta quail70
alberta youth minimum wage70
alberta and federal tax brackets50
alberta unemployment rate 201950
alberta zones map50
alberta queen's bench forms50
alberta 411 calgary50
alberta 511 calgary50
alberta 7550
is alberta a state50
where does alberta oil go50
alberta 5 pin40
alberta 91140
can alberta separate40
alberta 649 winner40
hotels near alberta children's hospital30
alberta kin care30
what alberta health care covers30
alberta 14 day forecast30
is alberta conservative30
alberta 4x4 trails30
alberta 190530
where alberta canada is located30
how much does alberta contribute to equalization30
alberta 10 codes30
alberta 61130
alberta to toronto distance30
alberta where do i vote30
alberta youth choir30
alberta zombie game30
when alberta election30
will alberta recover20
is alberta oil dirty20
alberta and ontario20
what's alberta minimum wage20
alberta 7 day forecast20
alberta 2020 budget20
will alberta join the us20
alberta zoning codes20
alberta 6 man football20
alberta 320
alberta to british columbia20
alberta vs texas20
alberta who should i vote for20
which alberta party should i vote for20
alberta and canada student loans10
alberta .05 law10
alberta or ontario for immigrants10
alberta 75 coin value10
alberta .05 drinking law10
alberta 1 auto10
airport near alberta canada10
without cause termination alberta10
alberta 75 coin10
cities near alberta canada10
will alberta oil recover10
alberta and climate change10
alberta and oil10
alberta x-ray technician10
alberta where to go10
alberta or ontario10
alberta zip code edmonton10
alberta 811 symptom checker10
alberta zero-emissions truck electrification collaboration10
alberta .0510
alberta 0.05 law10
alberta 411 lethbridge10
alberta 6 man football league10
alberta 6 regions10
alberta 75th anniversary coin10
alberta 810
alberta 9310
alberta which country10
alberta who do i vote for10
alberta zooming in10
are alberta spruce deer resistant10
hotels near alberta street portland10
how alberta became a province10
how alberta got its name10
how often are the alberta summer games10
problems with alberta oil sands10
what alberta is known for10
what alberta riding am i in10
what's alberta proud10
when alberta became a province10
when alberta joined canada10
where is alberta canada on the map10



Monthly Volume & Top Searched Phrases Related to Edmonton Oilers


NoKeywordSearch Volume
1edmonton oilers450000
2edmonton oilers schedule22200
3edmonton oilers news18100
4news for edmonton oilers18100
5edmonton oilers kings8100
6edmonton oilers rumors8100
7edmonton oilers roster6600
8edmonton oilers news and rumours5400
9edmonton oilers news and rumors5400
10edmonton oilers tickets4400
11tickets for edmonton oilers4400
12tickets to edmonton oilers4400
13edmonton oilers standings2400
14edmonton oilers lines2400
15edmonton oilers score1900
16edmonton oilers game1600
17edmonton oilers stats1600
18edmonton oilers account manager1600
19edmonton oilers nhl1300
20edmonton oilers twitter1300
21edmonton oilers jersey1000
22edmonton oilers live stream1000
23edmonton oilers coach1000
24edmonton oilers logo880
25edmonton oilers ticketmaster880
26edmonton oilers blog880
27edmonton oilers journal880
28edmonton oilers owner880
29edmonton oilers reddit880
30edmonton oilers website720
31edmonton oilers players720
32edmonton oilers goalies720
33edmonton oilers salary cap720
34edmonton oilers home schedule590
35edmonton oilers next game480
36edmonton oilers mascot480
37edmonton oilers hockey480
38edmonton oilers arena480
39edmonton oilers draft picks480
40edmonton oilers forum480
41edmonton oilers gm480
42edmonton oilers lineup480
43edmonton oilers store390
44edmonton oilers vs calgary flames390
45edmonton oilers player grades390
46edmonton oilers new jersey320
47edmonton oilers ticket manager320
48edmonton oilers game tonight320
49edmonton oilers depth chart320
50edmonton oilers player stats320
51edmonton oilers prospects320
52edmonton oilers app260
53edmonton oilers jobs260
54jobs with edmonton oilers260
55edmonton oilers wallpaper260
56edmonton oilers stream260
57edmonton oilers farm team260
58edmonton oilers cap space260
59edmonton oilers captains260
60edmonton oilers coaching staff260
61edmonton oilers head coach260
62edmonton oilers playoffs260
63edmonton oilers hat210
64edmonton oilers season tickets210
65edmonton oilers vs winnipeg jets210
66edmonton oilers vs vancouver canucks210
67who owns edmonton oilers210
68edmonton oilers radio210
69edmonton oilers tv schedule210
70edmonton oilers management210
71edmonton oilers 2006 roster210
72edmonton oilers highlights210
73edmonton oilers record210
74edmonton oilers live170
75edmonton oilers 50/50170
76edmonton oilers official site170
77edmonton oilers account170
78edmonton oilers alternate jersey140
79edmonton oilers third jersey140
80edmonton oilers 2019 schedule140
81edmonton oilers youtube140
82edmonton oilers on tv140
83edmonton oilers roster 2019140
84edmonton oilers grades140
85edmonton oilers merchandise110
86edmonton oilers vs montreal canadiens110
87edmonton oilers preseason110
88edmonton oilers jersey history110
89edmonton oilers hockey game110
90edmonton oilers free live stream110
91edmonton oilers 2019-20 schedule110
92edmonton oilers watch live110
93edmonton oilers calgary flames110
94edmonton oilers tv110
95edmonton oilers live stream reddit110
96edmonton oilers tonight110
97edmonton oilers community foundation110
98edmonton oilers careers110
99edmonton oilers edmonton journal110
100edmonton oilers wiki110
101edmonton oilers hoodie90
102edmonton oilers ticket exchange90
103edmonton oilers 3rd jersey90
104edmonton oilers mcdavid90
105edmonton oilers team90
106edmonton oilers seating chart90
107when do the edmonton oilers play again90
108do edmonton oilers play tonight90
109edmonton oilers results90
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