Digital marketing is a comprehensive umbrella under which there are different types of marketing such as social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, etc. In today’s world, no business chooses to use only one type of digital marketing. They, in fact, use a combination of different types to create a digital marketing strategy that works. Now when you are using multiple methods to promote your business online, mistakes are bound to happen. Mistakes can be tiny ones that don’t really matter in your big picture or grave ones that can really end up harming your digital marketing efforts. In today’s article, we will talk briefly about the grave mistakes.

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1. Not Understanding Your Target Audience

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If you start any type of marketing, let alone digital marketing, not determining your target audience can make your marketing efforts ineffective. Whether you do digital marketing or traditional marketing if you do not have the knowledge of who your exact target audience is, you cannot achieve anything from your marketing strategy. So if you start your digital marketing without a set target audience, you are committing the biggest mistake. Think about it! For instance, suppose you are selling shampoo that gives you soft and lustrous hair and you do not segment your target audience. Wouldn’t your ad or content post be wasted if it ends up being displayed to a bald person? Now, this is a very broad example, when targeting your audience, you just can’t make simple bifurcations such as gender. You need to conduct an in-depth research and find out what exactly your audience is like, define their personas, know about their preference, find what their pain points are. Basically what you need to define is your audience demographics, psychographics and geographic. Do not leave this aspect of your strategy on assumptions.


2. Relying Too Much on Promotional Offers

Businesses may opt for promotional offers in the initial stage when the business is just entering the market, to get existing customers into purchasing more from them, to promote during festive seasons, during new product introductions and so on. The idea behind promoting in these situations is only one, to attract customers and convert them. Now you can use the promotional offers either on your social media profiles or as a bait to get a higher number of subscribers for your email list. The problem with this idea of constantly having promotional offers is that businesses often tend to overuse it and end up creating a problem for themselves. While running promotional campaigns gets you the instant gratification, it comes with an after effect. This after effect includes chances of your product or service losing its actual value as people will consider the discount to be the actual price eventually. Also, it will make your brand quality questionable and the buyers may only buy during promotional offers. Eventually, it will all come down to how low your prices are compared to what value you are providing. In the long run, customers look for value. This will make them move on once you stop giving them discounts.


3. Not Thinking about After Sale

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When we talk about digital marketing, all people think about is business promotion, brand awareness and customer acquisition. But what about the customers you have already acquired? Are they not important anymore? Remember the time when you tried so hard to get your customer into liking your brand by making promises. It’s time you lived up to those promises and keep pursuing your customers and don’t start ignoring them once they choose you. Come to think of it, just calculate the amount of time and energy you put into pursuing that one target audience into converting. Now wouldn’t the cost of retaining a customer be much lesser? Apart from that, using digital marketing to keep your existing customers happy is equally important as it speaks a lot about your company’s reputation and customer service. With more and more technological development, keeping a tab on your customers has become much easier so why not do it. You can now easily use a chat bot to talk to your customers or store their details in an automated CRM. Also, make your existing customers feel special by giving them an occasional existing customer’s discount.


4. Forgetting to Find Your Uniqueness

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Sometimes we get so engrossed in choosing the right keywords and designing the best ad copy that we forget about our product or service itself. We go ahead and choose a promotion platform and figure out our target audience. But what we do not do is make our product look different. Just because another beauty product brand is using Instagram to promote its new range of anti-ageing lotions through videos, it is not necessary you follow suit. You could opt for a different approach altogether to get to your target audience. Also, it is essential that you determine the USP of your product or service and use it for your benefit.

For example, if you sell something as simple as socks. How can you differentiate it from the thousands of other brands that are already selling socks in the market? You find its uniqueness. Socks are something you can only wear in dry weathers or else they get soggy, but if you have a solution for it by providing your all-weather socks with quick-drying material that can be worn even in rainy and snowy weather, then you are likely to get people to buy your socks. Y Highlight the problem and point out the solution that only you have.


5. Ignoring Mobile Users

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Mobile users in Canada have surpassed 30 million with Canada being the highest in the world for mobile use. With so many people having round the clock access to the internet over their smartphones, ignoring digital marketing for mobile users will be the biggest folly. Think about it, as a user you come across so many different forms of business promotion on your mobile phone just within half an hour of the browsing session. So do not make this mistake and make sure you plan your digital marketing efforts to target the mobile audience as well. The first step in doing so would be to have a responsive website that easily loads on any mobile device and has a user-friendly interface. If you do not have a responsive website, your incoming traffic will not wait for your website to load. They will simply leave your webpage, and this will end up increasing your website’s bounce rate. Apart from this, you can also consider building a mobile app for your business to tap the mobile audience. For example, if you are an accounting firm, you can come up with a simple personal expense calculator and recorder for your target audienceThis will end up helping your audience in their time of need and make them aware about your brand. Alternately, you should also consider investing in mobile ads that appear in the apps or the mobile browsers.


6. Underestimating Content Marketing

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Nowadays a majority of business websites have a blog section. Why? Because blogs are a good source of information that increases your web traffic. If your website does not have one, then you are really lacking way behind in the race to shine out in the digital marketing spectrum. Blogging is not only a medium of getting a high web traffic. It speaks volumes about your knowledge and expertise, which in turn builds the website visitor’s trust in your business brand.

Blogs have also become a good method of communicating with your target audience and showing them your humane side. You could use your blog to give your target audience a look into the happenings of your company, employee social life, etc. Also, blogs can be a good way to get feedback from your customers. All you need to do is add a comments section right under your blog for your blog viewers and customers to share their views. With a blog section, you also have something to share on your social media profiles if you run out of other content types. All you need to do is add the link to your newly published blog and give your social media followers something to read.


7. 2018 and You Don’t have a Website

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Not having a website may sound like a novice mistake in 2018. But let me break this myth and tell you that there are still some businesses that do not have a website! And you know why it is so? Because these businesses find having a website either irrelevant for their business or an extra expense for their business. This is so untrue! Today, having a business website is, in fact, the most cost-effective thing. Just think from the user’s perspective. What is the first thing you do when you come across a new product or service? You look it up online! And if you do not find the provider having a website, don’t you find it skeptical? Exactly! Then how can you run a business successfully if you don’t have a website? Also, gone are the days when people will look for local stores and friendly recommendation for products and services. Today if you want something, you simply ask Google to find the nearest and best option for you. So having a business website is an extremely important thing.


8. Ignoring Social Media

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What business do you have? Does that business require a social media page? The answer to the second question will always be a ‘yes’. The whole world is on social media, even the introverts. Social media is one platform that has opened up widely for businesses in the past couple of years. This has been a big boon to multiple industries and not just big brands. Again, it gives you an opportunity to connect with your followers. Unlike a blog comment section, social media enables you to have a more open conversation and complete to and fro with your followers. Also, you don’t need to buy a space or do paid registrations. Creating any social media profile is absolutely free. Also, since social media platforms have a different approach for marketers, you can use features such as chat bots, audience targeting, sponsored posting to grab the much-needed attention.


Mistakes are a part of human nature. You cannot completely avoid them. But don’t make them a part of your digital marketing strategy. Plan and decide each step of your digital marketing strategy in such a way that such mistakes don’t happen and you don’t lose your customers. For more information and assistance in digital marketing, get in touch with your digital marketing experts.