Online Marketing is more important than ever in Real Estate industry. A recent survey done by Properties Blog says “Over 40% of home buyers today found their home online”. Furthermore customers who are selling say that “73% of sellers go with a real estate agent with a good online presence, who can market their property online”.

These days most retail estate customers conduct a quick Google search before approaching a realtor or a brokerage, so it’s important to have a website which not only provides a great experience but also puts your brand forward. WordPress is one of the best platforms to set up your real estate website, which your staff or you can manage easily. It’s simple to use and you don’t require in depth knowledge to maintain that website and update it.

A website will act as a front door for your potential customers. So which themes & designs you should consider using? Here’s our list of the best five!


Catalyst is a unique theme to create your real estate website. You can perform many unique features without coding knowledge. This is possible because of the number of options the theme gives you. The theme sections are not set in stone. Catalyst has a drag and drop feature which allows you to arrange the site the way you want. If you want a really colour filled and shaded theme for your real estate site, this one is it. It sports many colours for you to choose.


You can categorise RealtorPress into a classical real estate theme. This is the type you’ll find many real estate websites using. It directly presents the real estate up for sale on a slider. RealtorPress’s feature allows you to change layout, colours, logos, graphics, etc.  You can add real estate listing manually or import them from CSV or XML files. Google Maps integration allows your visitors to find out the location of the property easily.


REMAP strongly integrates Google Maps into the theme. It has a fully map based home page which reveals the locations of your various property listings. The theme has successfully managed to add a search widget and login/registration button without seriously affecting the design flow. A modern approach has been used to build the theme’s inner pages giving user quick details of listings and developing search result page utilising Google Maps.


If you’re looking for a theme loaded with many features, OpenDoor will fit your criteria. Your users will get many options such as Loan Calculator, Search widget on Sidebar, Browse by different property types and Compare Property.

The downside of this theme is that it’s not as clean and neat as it could be. Also, it’s not very proportionately sized. Despite this, you won’t find a more feature rich theme.


This is probably the best real estate theme. Like REMAP, it relies heavily on Google Maps. Every property listing will be marked on the Google Map. On hovering the mouse over, a Title and Description will pop up with an active link. There is a Front End Submission which gets your visitor to register and submit a property. Rent&Buy is also well integrated with PayPal allowing you to set up packages when a user registers on the site.

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