Today, there are plenty of softwares to help you run a business. You get tools to help with your accounting and budgeting, your planning, social media and more. Similarly, Marketing Automation Tools help in planning and executing a marketing strategy, also help you manage your different sales funnels. When you’re running your own business as an entrepreneur or with a few employees, there’ll be plenty of work to go around. Automated marketing tools help lessen that load, as it will help you accomplish your marketing and sales goal. There are many automated tools out there, here are five you should consider using: 


This is an automated tool built specifically for small businesses. You’ll have access to features like CRM, lead scoring, email and social marketing, e-commerce, analytics and industry-leading support. With the CRM functionality, managing customers during a sale and after sale will make it easier. It will help you greatly in following up in leads. You can create powerful automated marketing campaigns using the visual campaign builder.

Though the interface is straightforward, it will take you a few months to wrap your head around all the features. You’ll find a few coaching videos and articles to help you out, but on a whole, you’ll have to figure it out yourself. The more you use it, the more features you’ll discover how to help your business.


Pinpointe is a cloud based marketing software for mid sized business which helps you improve your marketing results. Pinpointe is feature-rich and it really excels in email marketing. The inbox previewer displays your email in 20 email clients, helping you navigate through many emails easily. You can send out 5,000 to 250,000 emails. Tracking emails won’t be easier. Since Pinpointe is cloud based, you don’t have to worry about loss of data.


ActiveCampaign is a fantastic tool for beginners. It’s pretty easy to set up a campaign. There are many email campaigns available to you such as autoresponders, RSS emails, and A/B split tests. There are many templates you can utilise to swiftly construct a mail. The campaign management features are solid, allowing you to target your customers with well-timed messages and personalized content and prevent any time wastage. However, because ActiveCampaign is for beginners, it lacks advanced features.

Salestrakr CRM 

This is one of the cheaper available automated tools, but it’s worth your money. Salestrakr offers full CRM and contact management features. You can easily keep track of your customers, sales, leads, etc. Its interface is quite simple, allowing you to conduct the most basic tasks without switching tabs. The tool can easily integrate with other softwares. Salestrakr gives you a great user experience, if you want to use it on-the-go on your mobile phone. However, you’ll find social media integration to be lacking in the tool.


Instiller is a specifically designed automated tool used commonly by agencies. Interface is well organised and clean making it easy to use. The list features helps you in creating and maintaining a database. Also, there are templates and campaign set up to help you create campaign swiftly. Instiller packs plenty of features, though sometimes you may find it overwhelming.

Though you can get by without automated tools, just imagine… once you set up the task, it gets done without your supervision!