Email marketing is a powerful tool to increase your reach. Though social media platforms have grown in popularity, email is not even close to dying out. Instead of waiting for customers to appear on your website and read updates, you can easily send them latest information updates, new discount features etc.

Organizations usually have customers numbering over in the thousands. A small-sized or mid-sized business can have a customer base of over a hundred, which is not uncommon especially in the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) space. Individually handling so many customers over mail is a tad bit difficult, especially if you don’t have the human resources for it. This is where email tools come in. They’re really great at simplifying email processes for you and easing things out. This frees your time and ensures that you can get more things done for your business.

Here are 5 email marketing tools you could use:

Mad Mimi

This marketing tool is great for a novice. Without much knowledge of designing, you can easily make a professional looking mail. However this can work against you, if you envision a complex mail. Mad Mimi comes with a drag and drop feature simplifying many processes. You can send yourself a test mail too.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools on the internet. It has many features such as allowing you to create a newsletter and share them on social media platforms. You can also integrate it with any other software you use. This will help you transfer your database easily.

Mail Chimp tracks your mails, giving unique insights to how your mail is working.

For a completely free software, Mail Chimp is fantastic. One major problem you’ll find is that you can’t send one campaign to multiple subscriber lists.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact gives you plenty of templates to choose from and you can even use a blank template or code directly with HTML and CSS. The software gives you a WordPress Plugin through which customers can sign up for your mail on your WordPress based site. There is also a Facebook Fan Page App which enables followers to sign up for your email on your Facebook page.

If you want to send an email from multiple persons in your organisation, Constant Contact has a feature which allows you to change the ‘From’ in a mail.

On the down side, Constant Contact is not integrated with Google Analytics and you can’t send out surveys for free.

Benchmark Email

Using Benchmark Email is a great way to craft interactive emails. You can easily add links, videos and social media buttons. You can keep track of your contact list and become aware of customers who are unsubscribing from your mail. Benchmark Email makes certain that there are no spam elements so your email will land up in a customer’s inbox easily.

The software comes with plenty of instructions if you’re not used to their simple interface.

Exact Target

Exact Target offers a robust email marketing tool. It’s mostly used by large organisations who have many mails to send out. There are many add-ons which will boost the functionality of a mail, like CoTweet. Their track system is very thorough, allowing you to track individual data points like number of times opened, links clicked and survey results.

Two major issues with Exact Target is that it’s not friendly to the novice user since you need a little knowledge of HTML to get along and for every sender address you want to create, a new user account is required.

Take a look at each of these options and decide which is best for your business and cohesive with your skill sets.