Post 2000s, web designs have become an important aspect of a website. Post 2005, professionals have begun to realize that web design is a communication medium in itself. 2009 saw the growth and importance of mobile friendly websites. It’s 2014 and a lot has changed since the internet came out and the first website was created. It would be foolish to mix up the trends and fads together. Website trends are there to stay for quite some time, unlike fads. The ability to spot trends that will last on the internet and incorporate them in your web design will help your site stand out and deliver on the expectations of a user. Most of these trends just improve the user experience and make a website lighter, giving it a better response time.

Here are three things you should be aware of, this 2014.

Flat Design

The biggest website trend in 2014 is the flat design. The beauty of a flat design is that it comes from a minimalist concept. It is simple, clean and has a modern look to it. Flat design brings every aspect to the question of utility. If it has no use, it’s gone. This drastically reduces clutter in a site, increases white space and greatly improves a user’s experience. The focus on simple graphics means that a user won’t find over blown images. It is forcing designers to achieve more by doing less. Apple’s revamped iOS7 is all about having a flat design.

Infographic Presentation

Infographics are growing in popularity. It’s considered one of the best ways to present data – a good mix of visuals and text data. They present information in a small space. The good ones barely require any scrolling. They are quirky with splendid typography and interesting colour schemes.

Many designers find that infographics are a good way to tell a story by putting information in a consumable format. At the same time, infographic presentations are evolving. They are becoming interactive and getting users involved in finding out information. This is being done through a series of clicks which opens up more of the infographs and provides more information.

Greater Focus on Content

This started out in 2013, but now it’s very much a full-fledged trend. Websites are letting their content take centre stage. The quality of content on a site is increasing. This does not mean that websites are becoming content heavy, in fact, there is simplification happening that gives visitors an easier read. With content as the focus, there is an increased value to the typography used too. This grabs a reader’s attention.

Focus on content has improved a website’s communication with their visitors. Some websites have taken on a storytelling role to make the information consumable.

New York Times is one website which has increased their focus on content, so visit it if you want check out a live example.

Three design trends are not enough for you? Drop by this link and get to know more about interesting design trends this year from a fantastic infographic.