2014 Edition – There are plenty of marketing tools for you to better manage and market your business online. Different tools perform and specialize in different functions. We have complied a list of top 3 tools which we believe you should be aware of as a small and medium size business. They will help you manage your business better.

3 Online Marketing tools for 2014:


This tool allows you to automate your social media engagement of your whole organization. It collects the relevant content and distributes it internally to make your your brand is consistent online. It is a very important tool for professionals like realtors, mortgage consultants, financial consultant etc. Here is how it works:



vcita.com (Our Recommended)

vCita is an amazing client management platform for small and medium sized businesses. It provides website, email marketing, online scheduling, crm, marketing automation (some aspects of it) and tons of other great features. It can be used as an complete lead generation platform, which will go from capturing the lead to converting it into a sale.


Small business online marketing tools



One of the most useful tools for small and medium sized businesses. As content marketing is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Getting good quality content is becoming more challenging. This website will make your content marketing execution very easy. It is an online editor which will help you structure your content properly in order to get more traffic. If spelling, verbs, adwords and sentence structuring are your weakness than this app will make it super easy for you to create content with proper readability index.