There is no hard and fast rule to social media marketing. You can constantly innovate and try different things to check what response you get from your followers. However, when you’re experimenting, you don’t want to make any common mistakes. Here are the top ten mistakes you should be aware of.

1.      Reading Too Much

There is so much content on the internet – blogs, social media pages, websites, etc, that you can feel overwhelmed with the amount of reading matter out there. Don’t get lost in reading every post and update. You will run out of time to do other important activities.

2.      Creating Just A Bit

You can’t afford to create too little on the social media platform. That would just result in a low brand presence on the platform. You need to play a lot with social media and come up with creative content. As a social media professional, you have to put lot of thought and come up with plenty of content for various target groups.

3.      Not Posting Interesting Content

Most businesses stick to posting information that is relevant only to them and the tone used is mostly dry and an informing one. You can’t afford to do that on social media. Be conversational, funny and get your audience’s attention. Don’t just stick to topics of business, but connect with many interesting things.

4.      Overly Automated Posts

Some social media pages heavily make use of automated posts. Posts are scheduled for a future date. A major mistake made without realisation is flooding a page with many posts at the same time. When using automated posts, you need to time them well throughout the day.

5.      Inconsistent Branding

Just because you’re joining a new medium, you cannot change your branding image. For example, if you have created a formal brand image, you cannot become a hip, chatty sort of page on social media.

6.      Aggressively Dealing with Criticism

Posts and tweets will appear publicly on your page. At times, you will be dealt with highly opinionated, rude or objective criticism. Whichever type it is, you should never reply aggressively. This can happen when you’re passionate about your business. Instead, stay calm and no matter the backlash, find a solution for your customer.

7.      Mixing Business with Pleasure

Plenty of businesses don’t give a second thought to posting social activities, but you should, since it will affect your branding. You want to do it only if it suits your business.

8.      Not Replying

This is the worst mistake you can make in social media. Always reply to posts, comments and tweets. These are opportunities to converse with your customer and increase your reach. Not replying will send messages across of your brand being rude, not caring about customers or just not focused on social media.

9.      Not Changing Platforms

Don’t get hung up on a particular social media platform, everything is moving in the digital world and so are your users. Facebook and Twitter may be the most popular social platforms now, but there are plenty new ones popping up. Try out Instagram, Pinterest, Chat Appz, etc.

10.  Being Unaware

You have to be aware of what’s happening in the world and on social media, from the latest viral meme to Miley Cyrus’s infamous tongue act to North America’s cold vortex. You should be aware because you can join the wave of memes or offering your condolences.

Social media is all about consistency, so keep at it and avoid these mistakes!