Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Page

Many companies do not take the time to create a blog page about their business when they should try to put more information about their business out there for people to see. A business is more than a sum of its products and services. It is also made up of people, a culture, and community. A blog is an opportunity for you as a manager or CEO to show your thoughts on current issues, your thoughts on how to solve or approach common problems, and how your company is a great place to work.

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A blog can be a great soft-marketing tool to draw in readers who might later want to take advantage of your company’s services.

Here are some of the benefits to your business of having a blog page:

Directs More Traffic to Your Website 

A blog allows you to provide more information for potential customers about who you are as a company and as a person. It also allows people to see more of your work. Take the time to describe how your products or services help with common problems or how you customized your services to help with a unique problem and how that benefitted your client. More commonly found in white papers, this can show other people and companies who might have similar problems that you can help them.

You can also speak more generally about common pain points in your industry and describe how you as the manager or company approach solving these issues. This can help to position you as a thought leader in your industry and get your name spread around. If you have innovative ideas on solving common problems, people will want to hear from you. For example, the company ShareAble for Hires provides web-based employment background checks for SMBs. They include articles on their blog about other relevant topics such as recruitment, interviewing and employee quality. By providing pertinent information to its readers, ShareAble is able to show authority and credibility in their niche. 

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Increases your sites SEO. Customers search for specific keywords when looking for a product or solution to a problem. Find out what these keywords are and then include them in blog articles about problems common among your customers. When they search, they will find your company! Blogs are a great soft-marketing tool. Customers are drawn in by an article on a topic related to them. If they find it useful, they might check out more of your company.

Gives a Better Business Image

Many clients look at blogs to see what other things you do as a company. You can use your blog to talk about how your company and employees help the local community or how you think about common problems. A blog gives you a chance to show a more personable side to the company.

You can include client testimonials. They can be cliché, but if customers see that other customers were happy with your services, even better if you describe how you helped them with a problem they also experience, they will be more likely to give you a try. Anytime you can put a more personal face on your company or product, you should do so!

Partnerships with organizations/non-profits to give back to your community. Post photos of your employees helping to fix up a house for an elderly or homeless person, doing a food drive, or working in a homeless shelter. Write a blog post about why you as a company got involved and how your work made a difference.  

People like seeing a company giving back or being involved in things for a cause. Writing about what you do to give back can help you gain new clients and new employees who might want to join an organization that gives back to the local community and helps make a difference.

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Give a Better Image of You as an Employer 

When potential employees look at your blog page, they should see what working with you is all about. Let them see what you are like to work with. Take this opportunity to show how exciting your company is and what you are like as a person. Even if you never work directly with every employee, the CEO sets the culture for the rest of the company.

Do you do employee activities, like lunches, or a day out? Take photos of company events and post them on your blog. Show that you appreciate your employees and reward them for their hard work. 

You are advertising your company to customers and prospective employees, make sure your messaging attracts the kinds of employees you want working for you. 

Involve Current Employees

Encourages employees to share some of their experiences while working for your business

Ask top performers for testimonials and post them on your blog. Let any prospective employees know that this is a place where they can have a career path.

Social media is ubiquitous now and people expect to be able to interact with a company via their social media pages. Ask employees to post pictures of themselves from company events, within reason, and have links to your company’s social media pages from your blog. You can also add an option to share photos on your blog page through your company servers. Net Worthy does this by creating informative “nuggets” from their longer blog posts that readers can then share to their own social media page:

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Link your blog page to your social media channels and check it regularly. If can afford it, have an employee responsible for social media. People expect (near) instantaneous response to social media posts, so make sure that you respond to posts on social media as quickly as possible.

Consider adding social media widgets to the side of your blog page to encourage readers to like, comment and share your content, as seen on the SmartMove blog page:

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Connect More Personally 

A blog page is a great way for people to see a more personal side of your business. It allows people to get to know the head of the company better, what the company culture is like, how you give back to the community, and what your creative approach to solving problems is. A blog can help you draw in new potential customers as well as employees, so take advantage of this platform to get your message out there!