2014 has been an eventful year with many updates and changes occurring in Google’s algorithm. As a SEO professional, there have been many insights that I’ve picked up last year and I will be improving and implementing these changes with my next SEO strategies.

Death of Google Authorship

Google announced that Google authorship won’t be a ranking factor for the search engine. This meant that writers who have been able to leverage themselves on the search engine because of their authorship weren’t able to do so anymore.

However, that does not mean you should do away with authorship completely. Google Authorship still works on its social media platform – Google Plus. This way you still leverage your authorship brand.

Additionally, you should have a system of authorship on your own website that will help Google identify the writers.

Get Reviews on your Google Plus Page

If you’re not getting positive reviews on your Google Plus page, then you aren’t leveraging it enough.

Edmonton Google adwords

A quick search of restaurants in Edmonton brings up businesses that have a rating close to, or above 4. More importantly, these restaurants have an abundant number of reviews on their Google Plus page.

Have a strong system to encouraging customers to put up reviews on your Google Plus page. Email marketing is a fantastic way to get in touch with your customers after a sale, inquire how the product is and request them to put up a review.

If your business is at a physical location like a retail store or an office, you include a section on how to put up a review in your post-sale handout.

Mobile Optimization

More and more users are getting on the mobile platform. The beauty of a mobile device is that a person can do so many things on the go like doing a quick Google search of a restaurant or a product while out of the house.

Websites that are mobile optimized are promoted on these searches over non-friendly websites. More importantly, users are informed of which sites are mobile optimized.


mobile websites edmonton

Websites that are mobile friendly have a ‘mobile-friendly’ tag

Mobile optimization is not something you can miss out on.

Use Local Power

If you’re a local business, then you have to conduct local SEO optimization to beat the competition. Throughout 2014, Rapid Boost Marketing has been conducting geo-local optimization for clients with good results.

Clients like GPS Security and HCR Solution have risen up the SEO ranks because of good local SEO optimization.

SEO is as much about learning as it is about executing. Keep learning about it because search engines are always evolving for the better.