Millions of searches are typed in every day and most of them can be classified into three types – navigational, informational or transactional. In order to get more traffic to your site, you need to know how to optimize your content and page for each of these types. In this article, we’ll talk about why each type is important and how you can dominate the SERPs for that search type.

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Navigational Search

These are searches where the user is looking for a specific site or page. Instead of typing in the address, they simply type in the name of the website or the company. This is a quick and easy way to use the site’s name along with some hybrid informational keywords to redirects them directly to the one they are looking for, e.g. amazon books or Eminem wiki. This kind of search is usually used by people who know what they are looking for, mostly repeat visitors, but sometimes also new visitors who are likely to convert.

Since Google’s algorithms are programmed for navigational efficiency, having a unique brand name gives you a strong chance of dominating the SERPs for the navigational keywords.

– To tap into this type of search, you need have branding that focuses on your business’ name. Only those who can recall your business name will use it.

– You should attempt to incorporate your brand name into your page title without making it feel unnatural.

– You also need to create a strong brand identity in the market by using good content so that it makes an impression on the minds of the users and they return to your site for future searches.


Informational Search

These searches are wider and more varied as the users are looking for information such as how-to or what-is searches It depends on your industry for example a dealership will have queries like how to do tie-dye prints? or what is a ACT in a car? These bring most business as the search algorithm combines several semantics such as contextual synonyms, generalization, concept and knowledge matching, morphological variations etc. to produce results.


One way to improve traffic is to create a domain/brand name and strategic URLs that include that informational query keyword in it, e.g. Smith Trucks or However it may not work for all kinds of businesses. In that case, you may want to focus on certain keywords pertaining to your niche business that will bring you your target audience. Use these keywords throughout your content, infographics, videos and images. Also, include quality content to earn off-site backlinks.

Transactional Search

These searches are exclusively looking to purchase and may involve keywords like ‘price’, ‘cheap’, ‘discount’, ‘sale’ etc.


Although, it is difficult to dominate a product market entirely, you can improve your chances by creating informative content that addresses transactional query, such as comparing prices, reviews, listing deals on offer, delivery options etc. Additionally, you can also up your listing in Google results by using schema markup in your site.

Ultimately, the essence to dominating all kinds of searches to ensure that all your marketing strategies make it easier for the users to find the content and information that they are searching for.