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Cost of not doing it right!!

It’s like going to gym for 6 months and not seeing results or following a diet plan but not seeing results. Sometimes we keep doing things and don’t improve or make adjustments over time. 

In marketing it’s like spending 100,000 and not sure what you are getting or if that’s the best you can get. 

Problem is that no campaign or marketing strategy is perfect, but over time through testing and trying it gets refined and becomes very effective. Just putting a strategy in place and not refining it over time has a cost. 


It’s Ok!! Just start Changing 1 Thing at a Time

It’s ok if things are not working out but you have to change them in order to improve. It’s like going to gym and seeing no results but going for another 6 months just with the hope that time will change it. 

In marketing you have to constantly test and improve. Which can create amazing opportunities for growth and fix the leaks in your marketing program. 

A podcast listener from Red Deer, Alberta emailed me 6 months ago. It’s a family owned plumbing company and they were spending $4000/month on online marketing or almost $50,000 a year. They had 4 vans running and they wanted to get a fifth van but sales were not there yet. 

We chatted and I sent him some recommendations. Among those recommendations one of them was to have a exit intent or behavioural pop-up on their website. He went ahead and implemented few things, among them was also the pop-up I recommended him. 

This pop-up was only shown to people who either spent more then a minute on their website or they visited 2+ pages. 


It said “we will out-beat and outcompete any local plumbing companies price + we give workmanship guarantee” 


Out of 2400 website visits a month only 304 people saw this pop-up as they either stayed on the website for more then a minute or visited 2+ pages. 

During the first month this pop-up generated 28 new leads, which converted into 13 new clients ~$800 a client.

They added another 10,000 in monthly revenue which helped them add that 5th van in their fleet. 


Property Management Company Example

We applied similar tweak and added an exit intent pop-up for a property management company. Results were amazing! 

Here are the numbers: 

Exit intent pop-up was shown to 3,661 people out of 30,102

Out of 3661 people they got 140 leads

Out of 140 leads they converted 76 

Average transaction: $2400 a year = 2400*74 = 177,600 this year alone by just adding a small pop-up.



Property management online marketing


Tweak, Test & Try

In marketing if you are not tweaking, testing and trying different things you are loosing a lot of growth opportunities. Just one tweak can add few extra clients which will impact your revenue and profits. 




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