Lets take an example of business consultants. There is an average of 1000 searches per month for business consultants in Canada. Each search represents a potential client. Your website needs to appear on the top of search results in order to tap into these potential clients.

You have two options to make this happen. One is SEO, wherein you search optimize your website so that it appears at the top of the page. The second option is to run a Google Adword Campaign. Whether your budget is $100 or $500, Google Adword makes it work.

So, here’s the A-Z of setting a Google Adword Campaign for business consultations.

Build your Keyword Plan

Your Google Adword Campaign is only as good as keywords you pick. For this step, you need to open the Keyword Planner. This is a tool which shows which keywords are being searched for and the volume of search.

Pick your keywords on several criteria:

  • Your audience should be searching for the keyword.

  • Choose keywords according to your budget. Check the ‘Competition’ and ‘Suggested Bid’ columns.

  • Choose keywords to target your audience in the sales funnel. A person searching for “business consultants” is high up the sales funnel, while a person searching for “business consultants for restaurants” is lower down the sales funnel and more likely to convert.

Select between 10 – 20 keywords.

Create your Google AdWord Profile

When you first open the Adword Campaign Manager, you need to create a profile.

  1. Click on Start Now.

  2. Submit your email address and website

  3. Set your timezone and currency

  4. Enter details for your first Campaign (we’ll cover this in detail later)

  5. Input your Billing and payment details

  6. Review the information you have inserted and start your campaign Profile

The First Campaign

There are several inputs required for your first campaign.


You can set a budget based on a daily spending. The actual spending will vary, so ensure you account for that. For example, if your daily budget is $10, then expect the spending to between $8 and $12.

Target Audience 

If your business is only located in a particular city or province, narrow down your audience to that.


Since you have already selected your keywords, just insert them.


There are always other businesses using the same keywords you have picked. They compete to appear first on a search result. Google has a bidding system in place. If you’re a first time user of Google Adword, it’s recommended that you choose Google’s automated bidding option.

Text Ad

Fill in what text you would like your ad to have.

Text Ad

Having an ad is not enough, you need to convince a user to click on it. That’s where text comes in.

Your Text should be:

  • Compelling so that it is read and not skimmed over

  • Provide information on what the link is about

  • Be actionable

  • The text should contain at least one keyword phrase from the 20 in your keyword list. This tells Google that your ad is relevant to the search phrase

When you finally launch your ad, Google will take between 3 to 6 hours to approve the ad before it goes live.


Apart from keywords you select, the bid plays a massive role in making your ad appear on the first page. When a user searches for “business consultants”, the bidding system instantly comes into the play. The online advertisement that bids the highest appears at the top of the page.

Google Adword offers several bid strategies.

For first-time users, it is highly recommended that you automate the advertisements. To do that, select ‘Target search page location’. You can learn more about the other automated bid strategies on Google’s help page.

Set up Three More Ads

Once you have set up your first ad, set up three more. Rewind back up the article and you’ll find that I recommended you place at least one keyword phrase in the ad text.

One of the reasons these ads have ranked on top of the page is because they have used business consulting, which is a variation of business consultant in the ad copy.

Without a doubt, it is impossible to put all 20 keywords into a single Google ad. Hence, you have several ads with different ad copy. Now, you might assume that this will increase the cost of your ad campaign. Not necessarily so. Google automatically distributes the spending within the set budget.

Having multiple ads has two major advantages:

  • Specific ads can utilize specific keywords accordingly

  • Specific ads can target a range of audiences


You’re almost done. The last part is to refine your online advertisement campaign. This means you have to take a look at some of the ad campaign elements once again, in a week’s time after you launch them.


Review your list of keywords. Which keywords are not bringing you clicks or are bringing you the wrong audience? Pause these keywords. Update your keyword list and try more keywords that may bring you the relevant audience.


Take another a look at your budget. While Google manages the costs within the set budget, the bigger your budget, the more clicks your ad will receive.

Text Ads 

Review your text ad and updated the copy with your new keywords.

A key factor, to make sure that your Google Adword campaign is successful, is to experiment. Experiment with keywords, ad copy, location, bidding system, extensionsnegative keywords and pretty much everything else that Google Adwords has to offer.