Designing a website is an art by itself which deserves a special focus in your marketing and branding book. Having a website is very essential in today’s digital world and equally important is designing your website well.

Here’s a quick list of principles you should be aware so that your website is designed well.

Visual Hierarchy

Certain components of your website are more important than others and deserve more attention. Your website is going to be arranged from top to bottom with a viewer’s eyes checking what’s on top first and then, trailing to the bottom. Important components like your services, call to action, about your brand, etc will be on top.


Your website needs to be well sized. Whether it is a 15 inch screen or a 30 inch screen, the website should fit well on the screen size. It cannot be too large or too small. Getting a good proportion size right is even more important with more and more internet users accessing website through their mobiles. Also, the content, tabs, visuals and other components need to complement each other well in the space they occupy on the site.

Hick’s Law

You cannot have too many tabs and clicks on your website. The Hick’s Law points out the more tabs you have on the website, the longer a web user will take to make a decision in interacting with the website. While it is good to give many options to your audience, too many will just hinder their experience.

Fit’s Law

Fit’s Law brings out the time required to move from a target area, like clicking a button to another target area; depending on the size and distance of the target. In other words, bigger a button on your webpage and closer it is to your user, the faster he will interact with your website. This does not mean, the bigger it is, the better. Just give careful thought into the placement of each button on your website.

Rule of Thirds

The rules of thirds comes into play especially for any webpage with heavy visuals. On such pages, divide the page into nine equal parts, creating a grid. The most important parts of the visual which you want to standout should along the intersections of the grid.

Occam’s Razor

This is a principle which points out that simple is good. At times, having a few tabs, less content and visuals and overall having a simple website is good enough.

Gestalt Design Theory

This is a theory which points to the fact that the human mind sees the object as whole, before it perceives individual parts. Quite simply, the theory says that people see the whole and then later on, see the various components of the site.

Type of Font

The font type you chose for your text is very important. Fonts are able to greatly influence the look and feel of your site. The text cannot be too small or too large. Text that is too large would look disproportionate on a website, and too small font won’t be readable. The font element needs to be consistent throughout all your pages on the site.

White Space

The correct use of white space on your website will give it a very clean design. These empty spaces will make sure your website is easy to look and breaks the monotony of text and visuals. It prevents your website from looking crammed up or cluttered from too many text and visual content.


There is no point of creating a well portioned website with attractive visual and appropriate content if the website design as a whole fails to be informative and helpful to your audience. Answer the question of who is your audience and make certain the website is efficient for them to use.