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Emily Howard

Stowe was denied entrance into the Toronto School of Medicine in 1865 and was told by its Vice Principal, “The doors of the University are not open to women and I trust they never will be.

“Unable to study medicine in Canada, Emily Stowe earned her degree in the United States from the homeopathic New York Medical College for Women in 1867.

The same year, she returned to Canada and opened a medical practice in Toronto, on Richmond Street.

Stowe gained some local prominence through public lectures on women’s health and maintained a steady clientele through newspaper advertisements.

In 1870, the president of the Toronto School of Medicine granted special permission to Stowe and fellow student Jennie Kidd Trout to attend classes, a requirement for medical practitioners with foreign licences. Faced with hostility from both the male faculty and students, Stowe refused to take the oral and written exams and left the school.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario granted Stowe a licence to practise medicine on July 16, 1880, based on her experience with homeopathic medicine since 1850. This licence made Stowe the second female licensed physician in Canada, after Trout.

Her daughter, Augusta Stowe-Gullen, was the first woman to earn a medical degree in Canada. Emily broke the status-quo!!

When We Are Kids

When we are kids we always dream big. We think about becoming an billionaire or astronat or pilot. Similarly when we start business we are very excited and enthusiastic about the future. We are like we will be the biggest one on the block, we will crush the industry.

As kids grow old and become adults, they stop dreaming big things and that happens with most business owners after starting out a business….they settle for the status quo.

Business Owners

As business owners 99% of us are like sheeps. They all follow one another and stay in the group, because it’s safer there and it’s well known path.

You see in any game, 80% of the companies they have settled with that they have and ho much business they get. And, shitty thing is when they even think about changing something it’s because of being a follower because someone else is doing it and they need to also catchup in their industry.

It’s like other Dentist are on Instagram let’s jump on Instagram.

This dentist broke the status-quo. He went out of his comfort zone and did something very very unusual…..he started recording videos himself singing. Now, normally when we talk about Dentist we think about boring dentist, but this person has over 190k followers on Instagram because he broke the status quo and got out of his comfort zone.

DVD’s were a commodity….there were DVD stores in every nieghbourhood….in-fact there were the ones which use to sell porn.

Then  Netflix broke the line, where industry was focused on creating more stores like blockbuster.

Netflix innovated an industry based on user experience where you no longer needed to store this big rack rather now you can access all these movies at a click of a button.

Hienz Ketchup

In 1876, the first bottle of Heinz Ketchup was created and made its debut. But, it wasn’t until 1890 that the iconic packaging design of the glass bottle that we see today began to take shape.

User experience was flawed, you needed heavy biceps to take ou the ketchup and kids are inserting knifes and other thing to get it out.

They broke the line in early 2000’s when they introduced inverted bottle to consume ketchup where it was super easy to use ketchup and that increased their revenue by 3 times comparing to their competition…that’s 300%


In March 2001 bunch of guys in California said that, legal services were always delivered in person. You needed small contract you need to go and see a lawyer. They started offering legal products online under the name LegalZoom.

Today Legalzoom revenue is $200 million, more than 98% of the law firms out there.

Break the line and the status quo, but more importantly keeping consumer empathy in mind because all 3 of these examples made the life of the consumer easy and if you can do it and market it well you will win!!

So, business owners….don’t settle for status quo. Dream like a kid and break the status quo.




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