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How can you attract new patients to your clinic in 2018

Attract new patients to your clinic in 2018 Running an online advertising campaign is an effective way to gain new clients for your clinic…
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Mobile Responsive Website Design Is Critical to Conversion

    A responsive website is one that loads swiftly. Mobile users are even more impatient that than a desktop one. If the…
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7 technical SEO problems your dental site has

Just as a minor tooth decay can cause major problems, similarly a minor SEO error can affect the ranking of your dental website.…
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8 Google tools to boost your law firm’s online presence

Once you’ve set up your legal website, you want to fine-tune it for search engines and your customers. Good SEO practices ensure that…
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User behavior data and search engine’s relation

If I were to define user behavior in simple words, I would say – it is the way users interact with your website.…
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How to hide your under construction website from Search Engines?

Crawler bots are like the viruses of the world, they grow and spread of their own accord, and they index whichever website links…
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Website – Build a Great Support Portal

It’s not enough to have a great product, you need to have superb customer support along with it. For the customers, this all…
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You think just having a blog will give you better SEO? Think again!

Blogging is the best way to keep having fresh content on your website. You can’t really be putting a new page on a…
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Why Brick and Mortar Stores Need to Think About Mobile Payment Too

First everyone paid in coins, then cash notes, and now with cards, and that’s where pretty much the payment technology has got stuck.…
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What Don’t You Want Your Mobile Website to Look Like?

If your website is not mobile-optimized, it will lose relevance to a user and, in turn, lose out on SEO. In February, Google…
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