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10 Biggest SEO mistakes you may be making

      FREE Giveaway: Top 10 SEO Mistakes FREE SEO Audit To listen to previous episodes goto: 5 Minute Online Marketing Lessons…
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Why your traffic matters for your SEO?

You should not check your website traffic just for car sales, but also for your SEO rank.. Search engines greatly depend on web…
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5 ways you can create an authority website

5 ways you can create an authority website   When you build an authority website, your site becomes the go-to place for that…
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Don’t give search volume more attention than it deserves

Are you giving too much focus to your search volume for your keyword optimization? Depending on how much is too much, you may…
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Death of Authorship and what it means for your SEO

Last month, Google declared that it is doing away with Google Authorship, photos and all. According to Google Webmaster Tools’ John Mueller, Google…
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The different kinds of searches and how to dominate them

Millions of searches are typed in every day and most of them can be classified into three types – navigational, informational or transactional.…
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Shocking SEO Statistics – 2014

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are not sure that SEO is for your business or not, read these 10 shocking SEO statistics. This Infographic will give you…
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Reasons why you need to be on Google+ for SEO

Despite not enjoying an impressive command over the social media community, Google+ does include elements that provide companies measurable value, especially in increasing…
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What to do after you have setup your PPC account ?

PPC advertising is a very cost effective way to get your business across to new clients. Setting up a PPC account is very…
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Link building and content marketing go hand in hand

Link building and content marketing maybe two different strategies, but that doesn’t mean you tackle them separately. Content marketing and link building complement…
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