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How can a dentist use Instagram?

Are you a dentist who wants to increase his customer base? If yes, then the digital world is the right place for you.…
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8 Google tools to boost your law firm’s online presence

Once you’ve set up your legal website, you want to fine-tune it for search engines and your customers. Good SEO practices ensure that…
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What can a dentist do to get more patients in 2017?

Let’s cut to the chase! Here’s what you need to know as a Dentist (New patient files matter things like traffic, rankings, views etc. don’t…
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Professional Firms and Practices: 7 Reasons your business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help your business in innumerable ways: Professional Social Media Platform Currently, LinkedIn does not have any competition – it is the…
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How do you market your food truck

Starting your own food truck is a challenging experience. If you are doing so in Alberta, then you are tapping into a vibrant…
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How accountants and accounting firms can take advantage of twitter?

When it comes to professional services, all businesses know the golden social media rule – BE ON LINKEDIN! However, many businesses miss out…
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How to connect with your mobile audience

79% of Canadians have a smart phone. Here are 6 simple ideas to conduct mobile marketing and reach out to your mobile audience. Mobile…
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Top tools to automate your social media marketing

Are social media campaigns and promotions taking up all your time? Do you find yourself doing repetitive marketing tasks on social media every…
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4 real examples that show you how social media engagement is done + 7 tips to make engaging social media ads

You want your brand social media presence to be unique, an image that’s recognized, and associated as the industry leader? Here are 4…
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Simple Social Media Audit Checklist

Why would you want to run a social media audit? There is great power in social media. 74% of consumers cited relying on…
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