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Mobile Responsive Website Design Is Critical to Conversion

    A responsive website is one that loads swiftly. Mobile users are even more impatient that than a desktop one. If the…
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How to connect with your mobile audience

79% of Canadians have a smart phone. Here are 6 simple ideas to conduct mobile marketing and reach out to your mobile audience. Mobile…
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You think just having a blog will give you better SEO? Think again!

Blogging is the best way to keep having fresh content on your website. You can’t really be putting a new page on a…
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What Don’t You Want Your Mobile Website to Look Like?

If your website is not mobile-optimized, it will lose relevance to a user and, in turn, lose out on SEO. In February, Google…
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Don’t forget about Mobile PPC

Desktop PPC is the most common form of online advertising on a search engine. A lot of businesses do it, and a lot…
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Keep in mind user interaction when designing a mobile site

Designing Mobile Website   The level of your website interaction plays a key factor in how long your visitor will stay on your…
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Why your Search Optimization is not catching up with mobiles

Mobile SEO   There is a huge gap between a business’ understanding of mobile searches and reality. You may be treating mobile search…
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Infographic – 48% of users say if business site isn’t working on mobile, then the business simply not caring!

                    Just having a website is not enough, you need to make sure it…
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Portrait Of A Mobile Consumer – Infographic 2014

The world we live in is consumed with mobile technology and 8.2 billion hand held mobile devices are expected to be active by…
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5 Most Important Things to consider when designing your website in 2014

The New Year means that you should be implementing some new design concept on your website. The idea of millions of people accessing…
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