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How can a dentist use Instagram?

Are you a dentist who wants to increase his customer base? If yes, then the digital world is the right place for you.…
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7 technical SEO problems your dental site has

Just as a minor tooth decay can cause major problems, similarly a minor SEO error can affect the ranking of your dental website.…
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Stop Spraying and Praying! Start micro segmenting – For accounting firms, accountants & bookkeepers

Who you target through your marketing and advertising can define the success of your business. Your website, social media, email marketing and everything…
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Get more leads for your firm or practice website by doing these 7 A/B tests

A/B testing is possibly the door-way to successfully converting more visitors into potential customers for your firm or practice. Each and every element…
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Professional Firms and Practices: 7 Reasons your business should be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can help your business in innumerable ways: Professional Social Media Platform Currently, LinkedIn does not have any competition – it is the…
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Which Online Marketing Strategy Drives the Best Traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques that Actually Work Do you participate in so many different types of online marketing strategies that when your boss…
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6 Tips to convert SEO leads into clients

Paying for SEO, buying keywords and having blogs on websites is essential. But what after that? Do your results have to be lost…
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How your SEO can break through the glass ceiling

The internet scene is pretty much already dominated by big players. This holds true more so for the niche markets. The competitors have…
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Why your traffic matters for your SEO?

You should not check your website traffic just for car sales, but also for your SEO rank.. Search engines greatly depend on web…
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5 ways you can create an authority website

5 ways you can create an authority website   When you build an authority website, your site becomes the go-to place for that…
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