Social media has grown exponentially and with it, the need to market your business, products or services in search of greener pastures. Most businesses fail to understand the fine line between marketing and sales. Though being interrelated, they are completely different concepts. Though a good marketing strategy can draw the online population towards your site, there are a number of factors which can prevent them from converting into actual sale. We give you a six step checklist to get your online marketing right.

1.      Fast and the furious

Yes, just like the cars in the Fast & Furious movies, your website needs to be fast. It’s a known fact that a user abandons any website which has a page load time greater than 3 seconds. This is a generation which has grown up with 3G and 4G technologies and hence nothing slow appeals to them. You can use various free tools on the internet to analyse your website’s page load speeds and the possible hindrances. The most popular analytics tools are Google Analytics, Google PageSpeed, Yahoo! Yslow, Gtmetrix, Pingdom etc. Google PageSpeed offers special services to calculate image load time to optimize JavaScript and CSS files, test caching features and provide tips, hints. If your site isn’t fast, your users are surely going to be furious.


2.      Strong relationships through engaging content

Business is a give and take relationship. The newly launched search engine algorithm by Google – Hummingbird is capable of filtering out websites with superior content and awarding them higher rankings in the search results. Whenever you post some content in your online channels, make sure it is aided by visual or graphic content. It is a well known fact that the retention and recollection value of graphic content is much higher than plain text and hence you should use it to the fullest. The best example for this is ZenPencils, an online comic strip which draws inspiration from famous quotes. The graphic content created on that website is used to sell various types of merchandise.


3.      Email marketing not dead yet

Many online marketers have written off email marketing declaring it obsolete but we beg to differ. Email marketing still can be considered as an effective and affordable online marketing strategy which can drive sales. Email marketing strategies like newsletters are a great way of retaining consumers in this highly competitive market space.


4.      Network

Just like traditional marketing, online marketing too demands you to be a networking ninja. To generate traffic for your site, it is advised that you use backlinks. Encourage mentioning of related sites in your site content and develop cordial relations with other website owners for citations. Always encourage patrons to use social media for any appreciation they want to share. In posts, always cite references with links to encourage backlinking.


5.      Landing page

The content on your websites landing page should be engaging enough to retain customers ushered in through marketing efforts. Try hovering ads for promotions and registration purposes creating a strong bond with the users.

The ad work on your landing page should be well crafted as consumers tend to shy away from websites with shoddy content.


6.       Offer discounts

A tried and tested technique for sale is to instil urgency in the consumer by offering limited period discounts, bonuses, add-ons, etc. The limited period offers push customers on the threshold buying towards actual sale as they consider discounts and freebies as deal sweeteners.