Feedburner is the most popular web feed management provider. Whether you want to provide RSS subscription or offer email subscription for your weekly newsletter or an email about your latest post for your visitors, Feedburner allows you to do all. It is the most popular web feed management provider simply because it is the default one offered on many content management systems.

If your business website heavily relies on RSS subscriptions, then you’re on the wrong path. RSS has been on the decline every since Google Reader died in 2013. A report from Nielsen Norman group has shown that already 80% of online users are completely unaware of what RSS and a feed reader is. RSS is not the best way to distribute your content online. In that case, Feedburner does offer an email distribution.

However, whether you pick Feedburners RSS or email option, Feedburner is not the best choice for your website.

The Problem with Feedburner

Subject Line customization

Subject lines are vital to convincing your reader to open a mail. The better you customize and personalize your subject line, the higher the chance of it being opened. However, Feedburner allows you to only use a static subject line.

Limited Design Customizations

A well designed email can make it an attractive read. However, Feedburner only offers a few templates, colors and font customization.

Failure to work

A glitch that is grown common with Feedburner is that it fails to provide updates to RSS readers or it fails to send out emails when you publish a post.

Poor Updates

In a web world that is constantly moving forward, Feedburner has done a terrible job at keeping pace and doesn’t release enough of updates.

You can find fixes for each of the problems given by Feedburner, however, it would be much simpler if you were just to switch to a Feedburner alternative.

Feedburner Alternatives


AWeber is very easy to add to your website. It also has a wide range of customizable options like allowing you to set whether to give your followers a weekly or daily update, or even send an update only when a particular number of posts have been published.


Using FeedBlitz, you can integrate your posts with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Additionally, FeedBlitz provides good metric information on who is subscribing to your content. Since it is paid service, you get excellent support service from the company.


FeedCat is a user friendly and a free content delivery service. It also provides relevant metrics like page views, visits and the number of people who subscribe to your feed.

Not all your visitors will like to keep coming back to your site to check for new content. Rather, they would prefer a system of email or a RSS subscription. However, Feedburner is not the best service to provide them this. This matters because it impacts your website traffic. Feedburner will have a negative effect on your traffic because of its problems and this will negatively impact your website SEO rank. Avoid it and pick an alternative.