Ep # 72


As Seth Godin said:

“The interruption model is extremely effective when there’s not an overflow of interruptions,” Godin says. “But there’s too much going on in our lives for us to enjoy being interrupted anymore.”

Everyone is fighting for people’s attention and time. As we call it “War of Attention & Time” is on right now. You are competing against brands, TV, influencers etc. Any kind of distraction is your competition. If you live in a condo or apartment you have seen this around:

traditional marketing

Interruption Marketing

We throw away junk email and also we pass thousands of billboards every single day. Also, Canadian government and also other countries are bringing legislation against spam emails, telemarketers, cold calling etc.

Seth Godin permission marketing


Do it Properly

Here is an example from Huffington Post, who took a social data based approach when it comes to permission marketing. Readers have to register on the site using their social media channels.

Email marketing done right


Another example (Opt-in forms like these which provide value and educate your potential clients)


Here are 5 core principles you need to know about permission marketing: 

1: They already want to hear from you or your business

2: It has to be personal & have to make them feel special

3: You have entered into a contract based on mutually beneficial

4: Attention is critical (War of attention and time)

5: Quality vs Quantity (Quality always always win)


Here is 6 step process to get started with permission marketing:

1: What is your opt-in offer and who are you going after

2: Start building your list (Longform blogs, landing pages etc.)

3: Teach, grab and hold their attention by teaching and educating them

4: Test it….Split testing

5: Scale it (Create a process around it)

6: Always remember the contract between you and your potential customer


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