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Blogging Checklist (Before & After Publishing)

Before you hit that publish button go over this checklist to make sure you have all the critical elements of a successful blog post. You have already put alot of time and energy into creating a blog, follow this checklist to get the maximum return on investment


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1. Is your blog post title catchy and appealing to your readers?

2. Is your blog post title between 40 – 69 characters long?

3. Is your description tag length between 135 and 160 characters?

4. Is your main keyword included in your blog post title?

5. Is your main keyword mentioned in the description tag?

6. Is your main keyword mentioned in the body of your article?

7. Does your blog post include synonyms Google associates with your main keyword?

8. Does your language sound natural? Did you place keywords and synonyms only where it’s relevant throughout the text?

9. Does the body of your post link to at least 2 reputable industry resources?

10. Does the blog post include 2-3 links to relevant pages on your website?

11. Did you give proper credit to the images you used in your blog post?

12. Do your images fit the overall design and feel of your website?

13. Did you use custom-made images and screenshots instead of stock photos whenever possible?

14. Did you add descriptive tags for images with the keyword in it?

15. Did you back up any data or facts with links to reputable sources?

16. Does the voice fit the overall tone of your blog, and your brand’s editorial guidelines?

17. Is your post optimized to your buyer persona profiles?

18. Did you include a call to action in the end?

19. Are the first paragraphs of your post catchy and emotionally-appealing?

20. Does your blog include H2 and H3 tags where relevant to simplify readability?

21. Does your blog post include lists of bullet points to break up the text in longer paragraphs and increase readability?

22. Do all links you’ve included in the text open in new tabs?


What are other things you check your post on before and after you hit the publish button? Here are few more:

checklist for blogs




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