Blogging is a powerful tool that has to be a part of your SEO arsenal. A blogging strategy will get you noticed on the web and give you a one up on your competitors. The beauty of blogging is that you add another voice to your business. Your main website deals with sales, discounts and product inventory; a blog gives you the opportunity to share amazing insights of all kinds of helpful and interesting content. And, all of this will be noticed by search engines and customers who you can capture and convert.


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Get it on your Website

Though you have many blogging platforms out there like WordPress and Google Blogger, ensure that your blog is part of your website. This is expected by users, plus search engines will be able to connect the content with your site.

Build a Community of Followers

Offer ways a reader can follow your blog. This is a superb way to get regular readers. You can do it by offering to take their email addresses and send out a mail on every new post or provide an RSS link. An RSS link is important as today most readers access the content on their phones.

If your website has login IDs for customers, you should allow them to follow the blog directly.


Search engines are always on the lookout for fresh content. Just do a quick Google search and most of the posts on the top result will be recently uploaded. Hence, you have to regularly put up posts to keep your blog fresh.

Content for Customers and Search Engines

Your customers are not just searching for products and services on the web. They want access to helpful information too. This is where you blog comes in. Have content that answers various queries on the web. Ensure that every post is SEO optimized by:

Long Tail Keywords

Google is relying on long-tail keywords to answer a user’s query correctly. Add in the right long-tail keywords to your blog post.

Put in Pictures

Not only do search engines favor posts with pictures, but even your readers will find it better to read content that has pictures. Write in captions and keywords for your pictures. This way a search engines has another channel to find your content.

Link Building

Strong, good and organic link building will work wonders for your SEO. Have a good mix on internal and external links, but never put in a link just for the sake of it. The link must have some context with the post and enhance the value of what you are writing about.

Social Media Share-ability

There have been a number of times I’ve stumbled across a blog link on LinkedIn or Facebook through a Google search. Social media does play a role in SEO because search engines do go through social media platforms for content.

Your blog should have Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Twitter’s ‘Tweet’ button. This way your readers can share it. Plus, it goes without saying that you should share the blog post on your own social profiles.

Since your blog is connected to the website, as the readership traffic increases, it will positively affect the whole SEO rank of your site. So if you haven’t started, now is a good as a time as any. Start blogging!