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55% of Companies Take 5+ Days to Respond

Fifty-five is the percentage of companies of the same survey that took 5+ days to respond to leads. Worse yet, of this 55%, 12% didn’t respond at all…

The history of human communication has always been about reducing friction. Humans have always looked for better and faster ways to connect with each other. We evolved from the pony express, to snail mail, to phones, texting, emailing, instant messaging, instagamming, live tweeting….Snapchatting … the list goes on….now it’s all about instant access. 

A recent HBR study analyzed 1.25 millions sales leads, and found you’re seven times more likely to win a deal if you respond to prospects in less than an hour versus responding in two hours.

One of the best and fastest ways to respond to a potential prospect is through using live chat on your website. Click to Call or Phone numbers and Contact forms still have their place, but there’s a delay between when someone fills out a “request a demo” form to when sales team follows up. This follow-up process can last days or weeks as sales team battle to catch the prospect live or get an email response.

First and foremost, conversing through chat shortens your sales cycle. The moment a prospect leaves your website after leaving his email address in a form his focus goes to the next problem of the day. In a traditional process it’s now it’s up to the SDRs to reach out to these prospects in the hopes of getting a call or demo booked.


Don’t get lost in the mechanics, now a days they are very very advance. You can automate some of it. You can check it on your phone etc.


36% increase in contacts

Without increasing anything, and touching any other thing in their marketing, a client of ours: Real Estate brokerage increase their inquiries from the website by 36%


Beating the competition, and striking when iron’s hot (Huge Opportunity)

Drift, only 7% of the surveyed companies are currently achieving an average lead response time of five minutes or less. This presents a huge opportunity and you can beat your competition in response time and hence have a much better chance of closing that client.


Monumental cost of delay

According to a study by Lead Connect, 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first. That’s how severe the organizational consequences can be of taking a few extra minutes to make a cup of Joe before getting to those leads.








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